As I am spending more and more time in my reality and awareness level, perception is becoming more and more a predominant factor.

I am not speaking of my perception, but mine compared to others around me.

So this post will be to explain what perception is which helped me to understand how important it is to your life and happiness.

perception fair

Perception can be defined as the set of processes we use to make sense of the different stimuli we are presented with. They are based on how we interpret different sensations.

To add to this, we cannot possibly pay attention to ALL the stimuli that is presented to us in every second. All that stimuli would be simply too much. Which means that we pay attention to the stimuli that makes the most sense to us at any given time and generally this same stimuli is is what ‘agrees’ with the processes we already have in place.

What does this mean? It means that we are going to be looking for things in our environment that agrees with how we already feel. More simply put, if we feel that the world is an unfriendly place, we are going to be looking for more unfriendly things around to further illustrate and strengthen said processes.

And this is all done unconsciously by you. Every minute of every day. It helps you grounded, if you will.

This is all done in the brain by something called the reticular activating system. And these processes are your beliefs.

perception RAS

Rosey or not?

So what if you were raised from an early age to look for the good in people and places. What if you are constantly looking for the abundance around you?

I will say this: that is the way to live your life…

This means the processes I mentioned earlier that we make sense of the stimuli with is ‘trained’ to see-and look for- good and abundant things that are CONSTANTLY around all of us all the time.

This is a healthy perception of life.

Rosey instead of gloomy is the way to go.

perception positive and negative

I have barely scratched the surface on perception except to give you my interpretation. If interested, you can read more deeply here.

Another view of Perception

I would be remiss if I didn’t give another view of perception. A spiritual one. Master Radhanath Swami shares this:

“So we are perceiving life through the ego, then through the intelligence, then through the mind and then through the five senses. And our particular understanding of reality is according to that perception.”

That’s a lot if you think about it. This is how humans are designed. But the thing is that now that you know this, you can refine these things-ego, intelligence, mind and senses to live a beautiful, fulfilling, rewarding life.

He also shares the vedic system of perception and its five levels.

  1. direct perception of the mind and senses. The most flawed way to perceive as his above quote illustrates.
  2. indirect knowledge, receiving understanding from higher authorities who supposedly know more than us.
  3. After we receive the above knowledge,we apply our senses to those teachings and gradually get some understanding and realization.
  4. revealed knowledge or knowledge received from scriptures such as the Bible, religious entities or divine revelation.
  5. transcendental knowledge and the realization of the spiritual essence of life. We can actually percieve the presence of God with our spiritual senses everywhere and in everything.

buddha perception

Among those most important things we need to take heed of in our life, perception is a true leader. It shapes our very fiber of how we interact with all around us and ourselves. If affects our vibration and our attitudes. I hope this has helped anyone reading this.