Several months ago I worked to get a list of free optimizing courses and such for my readers to hopefully take advantage of and hopefully thrive from. Well, I have been informed of another set of free literature for you to enjoy.

Here is the first list. Now for the second list.

A little background first. You will remember that Mark Waldman is the author of many books that you may seen or read before including How God changes your Brain and many more. He also has many courses that have helped many humans.

The link to the post I wrote about him and also his course, Neurowisdom101 is here.

An affiliate link for access to his Neurowisdom course is here.

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So anyways, on to the reason I am here: his new material.

At  he has 3 other certified neurocoach’s materials posted and linked for anyone to use and thrive from for free!!  I have listed them for your convenience below, but you will have to go to the main page I have linked to in this paragraph and will give to you again at the bottom to get access.

Yes, you will have to give your email address, but you can opt out at any time.

I have been a strong believer in Waldman’s education and courses since I took the Neurowisdom101 course and also read several of his books.

  • Rapidly Reduce Stress-This free ebook brought to you by Certified neurocoach and RN Kathleen Boucher gives several tested methods  to alleviate stress immediately. Suffer from stress? What can you lose except your stress?
  • Battling Burnout-Brought to you by another accomplished neurocoach, this ebook concentrates on what burnout is and how it affects you and how to get you through burnout.
  • Growing through loss– Having trouble with grief because of loss in your life? This ebook can help you with some tried and true methods to help with that.

So again with the link to these awesome ebooks, click here. as well as his many books is an awesome resource for personal learning and thriving from knowing the mechanics of how humans tend to think and how to improve your thinking to improve your life.

I gives me pleasure to be able to extend these types of things to my fellow man. I do  not consider myself to be in any way perfect, but I do think that I have benefitted from these types of free ebooks and like to make sure that as many fellow humans as possible know about them.