masterWhat is amazing to me is that we spend our lives forming relationships and friendships with people in our lives but not with our own minds. We are not our minds. We may think so but that is just not the case. Once we are tuned in to how our minds function we can figure out how best to use our mind to help make it work best and to our advantage in life.  I have learned in my days of meditation and reading and awareness of the goings on around me that we must all do this. So here are a few notes from one of my mentors Marisa Peer of how to take charge of your mind and therefore your life.

The worst part about what I said above is that some people do have the knowledge because they have read or heard how to because they are trying to learn

  • how to get  rid of anxiety
  • how to get rid of depression
  • get rid of social anxiety
  • ways to be happy in life

But then people think that the things that they read or hear to get better are just too hard to do and it is easier to just be miserable.

Believe me, it is very worth it. It may take some work,  but it is definitely worth it.

But knowing how to fix yourself and not implementing it is even worse than not knowing. Why? Because your mind has the knowledge and KNOWS it..YOU know it. And you don’t act upon the knowledge. This will make you even more miserable.

All these facts can be heard from the wisdom of Marisa Peer brought to us in her video on Youtube called “How to Collaborate with your Own Mind”. This woman has helped many people live a much more rewarding life.

# 1. Your brain always acts on what it believes that you what you want it to do. Here is this: Your mind’s job will be to come up with resistance for anything you think you detest. To be perfectly blunt, you should do said task or whatever because you know it needs to be done and not complain about it. That just will literally make that said task more difficult. Positivity is the key here and you just have to tell yourself that you will be awesome at said task instead. Consider the said task a challenge. You have to be positive about it and say that you will do awesome at it and consider whatever hateful task is at hand is a challenge and not a problem. Yes, essentially you are tricking your mind.

#2 Your brain is always going to lean to take you away from pain and get you to experience pleasure. You have to change your mindset to do whatever anyways and keep focused on the goal at hand. Athletes and successful entrepreneurs do this every single day. You can tell your mind what to link pain and pleasure to and you should use this to your advantage.

#3 Your brain only responds to the pictures and words in your head. If you can change the pictures and words in your head to good ones(and you can), it will mean the world will change to good things. Good thoughts.  It seems like a simple concept, but people ignore this oh-so-simple principle every day. Sometimes to the peril.

#4 Your brain likes the familiarity in your life. A habit is familiar. What’s the process in making a habit? Doing whatever repeatedly.  Then whatever is a familiar thing. Your brain will see that ‘trend’ and want to keep on repeating it.  So getting up early to work out or take a walk can be made into a habit by doing said tasks until your brain wants to do them.This of course works vice-versa, too. You can stop smoking or drinking or getting that nasty Big Mac for lunch every day by breaking the cycle. Any bad thing that you do or partake of can be stopped if you just make your mind up not do them until your brain loses the idea that you need to do them.

Something that a lot of us have a bad habit of is beating yourself up mentally. “Oh, damn that was stupid” or “What the hell was I thinking?” My proposal? Praise yourself whenever you can. Tell yourself that whatever you did was just awesome. If you did do something stupid, just tell yourself “Well, I just learned a way NOT to do that.” Inhale deeply after a good stretch and workout. Criticizing yourself should become a thing of the past. You always did the best you could. Just learn from your mistakes. But don’t make a big deal out of it.

This brings me to a HUGE point: Always, always, always do the best you can at whatever, even if you don’t want to be doing it.  Some people may be able to tell if you are or not, but ultimately you are the one. It’s your life, it’s your reality. No-one knows your reality like you do. Knowing that I did the best I could personally is a huge impact on my personal morale. And when I do praise myself, I really mean it. And conversely; maybe I didn’t do so great at whatever. The fact that I know I tried hard at it and I did the best I could means all the world. No matter what anybody says.

There you go. Majorly profound (maybe) principles brought to you by Marisa and myself that will change your life if carried through with. Excellent advice for all.

Positive feedback or examples of implementations always welcome and possibly used as examples in further posts. Names withheld if you so choose.