There are so many different methods to improve and optimize your life. There have been a great many people who have tried and had success and so many who have tried and failed. There are so many circumstances that have to be capitalized upon or endured to make your way through life. As far as methods go, I am thinking that everyone has their own method to success, their own path. The interesting part and most fulfilling is finding that path. To find that path, you must find yourself first. It is that path of self discovery that leads you to your success.

Frederick Nietzche, who died at the age of 56 in the year 1900, believed that to have a fulfilling life you must embrace difficulty. He considered the grand task of learning of yourself would be your most productive and rewarding, although most likely arduous and frustrating, endeavor.

If you choose to take on that endeavour. Too many of the human race never do. Have you?

Nietzche tackled that very subject in a essay he wrote called Schopenhauer as Educator at the ripe old age of thirty discussing how we find ourselves and uplift our talents to the surface. Nietzche says

Any human being who does not wish to be part of the masses need only stop making things easy for himself. Let him follow his conscience, which calls out to him: “Be yourself! All that you are now doing, thinking, desiring, all that is not you.”

The humans who are out there giving their very best and pushing themselves to limits unknown to them that are related to their greatest powers and embracing the difficulties in front of them(not just enduring, but embracing) are the humans who make thier way in life. The ones who reward themselves every day for what they have done and the hurdles they have overcome. The ones who make life happen for themselves and not let life happen to themselves.

We all have the power to get to thier greatness but must break free of thier own fears and others’ opinion. One could say that the human who ignores his calling and genius are the dreariest and sorriest of God’s breathing creatures who now can only peer off to where their future would have been bright and thriving.

It’s never too late to get started, and the sooner you get started the better.

But what? What can I do, you ask? Picasso’s words were “To know what you are going to draw, you must first start drawing”.

To get to your greatness, you must accomplish it yourself. To get from point A to point B, you must get there on your own. You can’t be carried by someone else because noone knows where your point B is. They will carry you to what they may think is your point B, or worse, use you to get to their point B. But where is your point B? Nietzche says “Don’t ask, walk!” Only you will get there.

If you choose to.

When you start walking, you will be finding yourself along that path assuming you are looking for yourself. For your heart and soul. How do you find them? What have you loved so far? That should be the direction and your path. Nietzche says “for your true self does not lie deep within you but rises immeasurably high above you, or at least above what you commonly take to be your I.

The I where you are doing nothing but barely living. Being normal. We are not supposed to be normal.

There should be in some way, shape or form a liberation, in and outside of you. To break out of normalcy. So you can follow that path. Not the easy path, but the difficult one. One that noone else can follow but you because only you knows where you are going to be going. It involves trust. In yourself.

When you drive at night, your headlights do not illuminate all the way to your destination but only a couple of yards. You have trust in yourself to follow those couple of yards repeatedly until you get to your destination, right?

To follow your path, you need to look beyond said darkness of fears and of opinions right now. In the present. As yourself. Keep trudging forward.  Hint: the path is not going to look like a path because noone else has taken it.

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

If you have started the journey, then I commend although the only kudos that should count is your own.

If you haven’t what can we do to help you get your started?