First of all, congratulations!! You have started once again another new way logistically to start your life.

It’s funny that it seems like to me that people either start life over one day at a time or one year at time. In reality, you can start over one second at a time. Think about that!! Isn’t that awesome?!? Which means that one minute, one hour and even one week or one month at a time is also feasible. But I digress.

I am going to type today with the thoughts of Bill Harris. He created Centerpoint Research Institute in 1989 with his product Holosync. Holosync has been quoted as being the most powerful meditation, personal growth and mind development tool available. I personally have had amazing personal results with Holosync myself.

Bill Harris will let you experience you a free demo of his holosync technology. He also has a free E-book called The New Science of Super Awareness you can download from his homepage.

From there, let’s start talking about acceptance. Not self-acceptance of which I talk about here, but just acceptance of the here and now and whatever situation you are currently enduring.

Let’s back up a bit. The opposite of acceptance in this case is resistance. If you are not accepting the currenting situation as okay, then you are resisting. Not only that, but you are labeling as bad or whatever negative word you want to label it as. You are backed up and bottled up and not letting things flow.

But what if you don’t? Whatever is is. What is making the situation unbearable is whatever you are sticking to the situation.  So don’t label. If there is discomfort or suffering to the way things are, then there is resistance.

You have gone through your life to this moment of suffering and discomfort learning rules that has caused attachment or addiction to a condition other than what you are experiencing. What if you upgrade these attachments and/or addictions to preferences? Then you only ‘prefer’ the situation is another way and your happiness is not hinged to whatever is.  I rephrase: your happiness will not be controlled by forces outside of you.

Don’t you feel better now?

Ultimately this process could be called resilience, which is good!! So how can you become more aware of you resisting?  First step is to remember that YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS!!

With that important FACT in mind, you will realize that you do not have to experience what your thoughts are trying to rope you into.

More in my next post…

In the meantime, please try the free demo of Holosync that Bill has offered and come and tell me your first impressions. Just click below.

I hope you have enjoyed and been enlightened(even slightly) to the new knowledge I have passed. Possibly just in a different way than you have seen or read before.  Please share this post and comment with any opinions you feel pertinent as I would love to hear them.