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Neurowisdom101 is a great answer

Answer to what you may ask? The challenge of getting your brain to work better, reduce stress levels and anxiety, and improve your mood. That is neurowisdom.

These are just a few things that taking Mark Waldman’s Neurowisdom101 course will do.

It’s a downloadable audio course where literally each day you have a lesson that lasts for about 10 minutes. Max.

Because that is all it takes. Any more than that, Waldman says, your brain loses interest and starts daydreaming.

Not that daydreaming is bad for you. Daydreaming is creativity. Creativity is how things get invented and how we evolve.

A  bit more about Mark Waldman for those of  you that need a bit of credibility added before you jump in and get this course.Dr Mark Waldman

Mark Waldman is the author of over a dozen books including How Words Change Your Brain and How God Changes Your Brain. He has also written several e-books that are free for you to read and learn from. His latest is below.

NeuroTips for Money, Happiness & Success << affiliate link

Yes you will have to enter your email address to get it, but no you are not obligated to buy anything. And you can opt out of the emails you get at any time. Waldman is a stand up guy.

Actually, I just read his latest e-book that  I gave you the link to above. There is a lot of awesome brain shaping knowledge in there.

For free!!

But let’s go back to Waldman accolades for another moment, shall we?

He has also traveled the world teaching his superior brain knowledge and his work has been on  PBS, National Public Radio, Oprah and others. He also has been in many magazines. He teaches full-time at Loyola University to his MBA students mindfulness, effective communication and stress reduction.

Since what he usually teaches his MBA students at Loyola is a lot of the same knowledge he shares with us in his e-books and courses, you can say that you are getting a college education!!

So there is a bit of history and accolades of Mark. Plus even his newest book that he is giving away. He has another free e-book you can get below on his main site along with other pertinent info.

So anyways, back to his course Neurowisdom101…Neurowisdom cover

It contains ’58 Lessons containing the most comprehensive mindfulness and positivity brain training in the world.’  This is quoted straight from the website.

Reviews? You want reviews?

First of all, let me give you a link to the course…<<affilliate link

You can even find out more information about the course here!!

“It’s a brain-hacker’s playbook, an owner’s manual to human consciousness, and a travel-guide taking the listener from instinctual awareness to enlightenment.”

“The breakthrough research behind NeuroWisdom is more than academic theory! It is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways to improve the functioning of your brain, with lasting and profound change.”

I can personally give my recommendation as well as I purchased and benefitted from the program myself.  I have also read his ebooks and How God Changes your Brain. Great stuff.

This course has been tested on hundreds of other humans in controlled scientific studies and PROVEN to work.

Disclaimer: This course is not a quick fix….you need to work on your brain daily to get results.

neurowisdom brain inside

But back to Mr Waldman.  This man is a neuroscientist. If anyone can teach Neurowisdom, he can.

You may also reference my posts here, here, and here. To name a few.

So I can only relay so much info without being a doctor, but if I can get a neuroscientist’s help and expertise, I definitely will. And I have.

I have offered you a few great books here-one that just came out- plus a broader background on Mark Waldman.  He truly is an awesome human being who has found his purpose of helping fellow human beings from his studies of the human brain.

And Neurowisdom101 is one of the best courses to helping you live your life to a much more effective and mindful level.

What do you think? The proof is in the brain matter…

As you know from reading from this site in the past, I come from as many different angles as I can to help my fellow humans. This time again is from a purely clinical-but effective-angle.

If you have a desire to change yourself, you have to change your mind.

But you have to decide to first. Fully commit. Make the decision that you want to change and get better and make life easier.

Then the tools are there.

This is one of them. One of the answers.<<affilliate link

You are most welcome.

14 thoughts on “Neurowisdom101 is a great answer”

  1. NeuroWisdom, very interesting concept. In principle I’m not against mindfulness, but I’ve never thought it’d be interesting for me, as I easily distract. How can you beat distraction at the expenses of mindfulness?
    Thank you for a lovely review, Brent!

    1. One word: focus. Distraction is simply an untrained mind. Not saying that in a bad way. you just need practice. There are many things you can do to work on that. Can you narrow down what distracts you? Even better.

      Lifehack is great. It’s a good place to start.

      then you can work on the mindfulness.

      Good luck and namaste.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  2. NeuroWisdom seems something gotten from a sci-fi movie, it is amazing how much we have learned about our brain during the last century but we have so much yet to learn about something we have literally on our head. Wonderful post and keep up the good work.

    1. I strongly recommend the free e book as then you will see what he has to offer us. I read it(it’s short) and have had many epiphanies from it alone. Even after taking the training.

      thank you for visiting and commenting.

  3. Great post once again Brent. The beautiful thing about our brains is that it really wants to do what we tell it. It is very responsive to our thoughts. The problem with many of us is that we do not have control over our thoughts. We give our brain wrong or even, destructive instructions. “I hate this job. I wish I never have to go back. I can’t stand it working here.” Then our brain goes, “OK”. I’ll listen to what you say and provide you with an opportunity to be away from work. Then we get sick. And have to stay at home and in bed for a few days. Our brain was simply responding to our request to be away from that place we hate so much.

    But as Mark Waldman teaches, we can really ‘reprogramme’ our brain and get it to do positive things for us.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. As someone with a neurological condition I’ve tried other stuff like Rosetta Stone etc., to help me stay mentally sharp sometimes. But Mark Waldman definitely appears to be someone I’m going to be looking into more for myself. Thank you for this, much appreciated!

  5. Hello Brent
    Hmm, you really got me thinking here. From time to time I suffer from (what the doctors are calling) anxiety. I get tightness in my chest, sensation in my head that feels like a hot liquid moving through and significantly raised heart beat (HBP). Ultimately I feel anxious, light headed and very stressed. This only happens to me during very stressful times (which are not often) I may have had 4 episodes in the last 10 years where twice I ended up in ER. Does this in any way relate to my brain function and how I control it or not control it? Would I be a perfect candidate for such training you talk about in your post?

    1. Hello, Agnes. Everyone is a candidate. An everyone can benefit. I market several different products and they could all help. But just using simple meditation could be a good start. there is plenty of free materials on the net and even on this site that could help you. Not having a lot of debilitating events (4 in 10 years) would make it hard to diagnose what is going on (underlying cause) and I certainly don’t think traditional medicine(going to ER) is best answer.

      Would be glad to help/talk more if needed. Let me know.

  6. I totally agree about 10 minutes rule. I think I am in a ballpark of that number, may be I lose focus even quicker. On the other hand, I wonder how effective such way of studying could be. Maybe you could have couple 10 minutes sessions a day, to go thru a topic faster?

    1. That is what they are saying. I know studying an hour at a time did me no good. I imagine everyone is a bit different, but it is totally feasible.

      thanks for visiting and commenting.

  7. I definitely need some brain training in many different ways. After having multiple seizures since a child, my brain has paid the price. I am interested, what are a few of the lesson? Do you get some help with focus, memory, things of that sort?

    1. Thanks Melissa for asking. You get lessons on all those topics. If you have read(or if you haven’t yet, you should) the free e books, you will see what he talks about and what his lessons are geared around or like. this will give you a better idea of what he can do for you.

      there is a $$ back guarantee if you need. I do not see how you would be disappointed, though.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. I am glad to help.

      That you for visiting and commenting.

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