It occurred to me that I have not really portrayed what I do on a mostly-daily basis to optimize my life. In the words, the hacks that I use in my daily self-growth plan.

Sharing is caring. So here I am. Full transparency.

So without further ado…


I do make sure that I get in my meditation every day. This is one of my major hacks. Even if that means getting up as early as 4AM to enjoy it before I move on to my income producing tasks.  As a tool during my meditation, I use Holosync (<–affiliate link) and have been very happy with my results thus far.  Holosync basically turbo- and super-charges your regular meditations by helping the brain to release its faulty programming much quicker, so to speak. This is done using using specially designed audio tracks for use with headphones. Follow this link for more info or just ask me.

The most important thing is you starting a meditation practice. You can ask me about that also.

meditation benefits


The secret to making a better life for yourself is by telling (or hacking) your subconscious you want it that way.  This is done in two ways:

  • stopping negative talk
  • starting positive talk

I am not just speaking of saying things like “today is going to be an awesome day” (as a very general example), but also by self love conversation. You can be your own worse critic and enemy and that has to stop right now.

Are you aware of the conversations you are having in your head? You probably have an idea now that I have brought it up. Are they positive or negative? Are you soothing yourself or shaming yourself? Are you comparing yourself to others?

They key here is to realize is that you are not your thoughts. How can you know that? Well, who is listening to the conversation?

It should also be noted that positive self talk is great for your self-confidence. affirmations self talk

Negative, not so much of course.

Start today being aware of your inner talk and challenge yourself to talk nice of yourself and not complaining of anything. See how your life changes.

Reading & Writing

The world and Universe is constantly changing. You have to change with it. Exercising your mind by reading and writing the written word is good way to stay with the times and your passions. Make it a goal to read and write every day

So that is just the tip of the iceberg in the subject of meditation, affirmations and such. Explore this site to find much more info about both and more self optimizing tips and tricks…now we move on to more tangible things.
reading and writing

Food & Drink Hacks

Bulletproof brain octane

There is an additive made up of essential oils to add to your coffee-or the whole coffee recipe itself- that is a bit of a craze right now. See below:

Asea and Source

As far as the rest of my body goes, one of the ULTIMATE hacks anyone can use is Asea and its multivitamin, Source.

Asea is made of the redox signaling molecules used by your body every day. You are born with the most possible amount when you are born but this amount diminishes as you grow older.  Science has found a way to engineer and produce these molecules and make them into a liquid so that you can replenish your body with them.

I personally use this everyday and helps me be the best human I can be by helping me to repair, replenish or replace any damaged cells I have in my body.

asea redoxIts not just for staying well, either. Boosting the antioxidant glutathione by up to 500% in your body, it has helped humans recover from many debilitating conditions that we are plagued with. It helps with diabetes, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, autism and more.  Athletes also use Asea to recover faster from workouts and training with amazing results.

Wrap up

That is a brief synopsis of my daily hacks and habits that help me enjoy my life to its fullest and I hope-if you are not already- that you are doing what you can to grow and thrive everyday. Please let me know if you need more clarification on any of these points as I am glad to share and help fellow humans.