So I finished up yesterday saying that the way to go is meditation. Holosync being the ultimate way to get that limited threshold up as high as possible.  I am going to take that one step further and mention a few posts back wherein the subject was acceptance.

I keep on doing that, don’t I? Backing up a step. That’s a good thing. We want to get a good grasp of the big picture here.

So acceptance. Whatever is is. Let whatever it is be okay.  Don’t blame anybody. Take full responsibility for whatever it is unconditionally and full responsibility for your well being.

You good now? So whatever it is, it’s chaos, right? From what I have been talking about for the last few posts we now know that this chaos is a good thing. It is time for you to level up!! Your threshold is too low to deal with current circumstances. But current circumstances will not be chaos here very soon!! It will be forevermore easily dealt with…


You should be happy about this. No pain, no gain!! You could be thankful!! I once heard a quote that said “God doesn’t want us to be happy, he wants us to be strong.” That is what strong is! Having a high threshold!!

In other words, don’t resist!! Look the chaos straight in the eye and say-well whatever you would say or grab a good movie quote. I personally think #6 fits the bill….

If you resist, you will not grow. Let it happen and let it be okay. There are no such things as accidents or coincidence in this Universe. Maybe any Universe.

The controller

Now with all this chaos and entropy going on between you and the Universe, there is another limiter-a governor like a car or truck would have, if you will.  A car/truck governor keeps the car from going too fast for it’s own good.

This governor or controller or limiter is called the R.A.S. or Reticular Activation System and it is a physical part of your brain. You can read about it on my other site here.  But suffice to say, it is the bouncer for your reality.  It essentially ‘lets in’ what you already know and believe about your reality and keeps other stuff out. Why? Because it has to keep something out and why not be what you don’t know about, right? In a way, it is part of your ego because it defends what you know and believe as your life.

If you had a decent childhood and were taught or taught yourself that there are three things in life-what you know, what you don’t know and what you don’t know you don’t know, your R.A.S. won’t be so bad. It will be lenient on what comes in to your senses. Your R.A.S. will actually let you be curious once in a while-or always.

Your personal reality map

For the sake of argument, lets call your beliefs of what you do and don’t do your personal map of reality. The bouncer tells you (going by what it already knows from what you told it) what can go on that map. With this map is how you navigate your everyday. It is your internal representation of reality. Everyone’s will be different. But we do need it so that we don’t have to relearn things continuously. Don’t mess with the cat, it will scratch you, your bedroom is down this hallway in your house, etc, etc. This map is changing a lot as you grow older as your learn things and grow up. To ride a bike, to drive a car.

Now this map has no ‘brain’ of its own. And it actually creates your future life but only by what it already knows and what you tell it. If your map is negative and closed off to new experiences, then your map will never guide you to anything worth a flip in your life.

Think about that. Be aware of it.

I will be back with more in the next post. Probably tomorrow.

As always please comment and share as I would love to hear your thoughts on all this and I also welcome any questions you may have.