self-accptAfter my hugely successful last post, it seemed like I needed to ‘touch’ on the two points I mentioned for clarification and guidance, self acceptance will be the first. The first of two challenges that, once mastered, will optimize your life substantially.

I say, challenges but not every one has these challenges. But I must assume that if you are reading this, you think you do. So lets start with this:  when you do achieve self acceptance, it doesn’t mean you are perfect. No one is.

See what I did there? I already have confidence that you can and will.

But that is what self acceptance entails. Realizing and accepting you are not perfect and being okay with that. You are a whole, decent human being just like a lot of other humans out there that just want to fit in. But the secret is that to fit in, you have to be yourself.

Simple, but oh, so complicated, yes?

Another thing you probably struggle with? Society and its standards. Society basically tries to make you feel inadequate about having wrinkles, excess weight, lack of earning power, clothes, possessions and just about everything else we can think of. This is our culture.

But that does not have to be you. There is nowhere that says you have to be like that.

self-acceptance-largeSo, win-win because you gain self acceptance and you are not a ‘sheeple’ as so many others are.

So just knowing that you have a choice to be different and unique and, above all else, not like everyone else is really empowering, if you think about it. This process to be ourselves and happy for it can be difficult for many not just internally but externally. Internal struggle, obviously to the change to endure in your head but external as well with all the people you know who see you acting differently as they may be resistant to your change. Maybe even jealous…

You can tell them that they can change too…

self-acceptanceThey can be like you. They can not worry about what society deems acceptable. They can be relieved from the weight off their shoulders knowing that they, too, are good enough. Good enough to be their own type of human being just like everyone else out there. Like you. Good enough to not be bogged down by mass media’s mission of trying to dumb them down and making them feel unworthy.

I would like to stress one thing. Just making the decision to want to become self accepting is a huge step as you are now aware. You are aware and want to make the change to becoming the awesome person you are.

That right there speaks euphoniously about you to yourself. To your soul. Your spirit. That you have taken the first step to becoming your full potential. That you have awoke.


woman-954793_640Congratulations. And pleasant journeys.