It occurred to me that it may be tough to figure out your purpose in life. I know I have certainly been challenged in that respect. But what if your purpose is tied directly to your type of intelligence?

Type of intelligence? Yes, type. There are 9 of them. This was described by American developmental psychologist Howard Gardener in 1983.

So I wanted to lay the intelligence types out here. Maybe we can all gain some insight into ourselves and maybe into others so that we can figure out what our main purpose is in this lifetime we are currently enjoying…


Humans who have this type of understanding are good with thinking in three dimensions and are good in art, graphics and architecture. They could be pilots and sailors , as well.  Children and young adults could be fascinated with puzzles and mazes to satisfy their hunger of having this type of intellect.spatial


Humans will have an understanding of oneself and their feelings deeply and a deep self appreciation and of the human condition.  In life, they could be psychologists, philosophers or spiritual leaders.


It is all about language and words with this type of intellect as these humans have a distinct ability to think in words. You will obviously see poets, authors, and such with this type of intelligence and it is the most common.


As you can possibly gather, humans with this type of intellect are good at relating with fellow humans. Effective verbal AND non verbal communication are typical. The humans that are teachers, social workers and the like that have this type of intelligence.


Humans who are dancers, athletes and even surgeons will be of this type of smarts as the mind-body union, sense of timing and skills perfection are very strong.body-kinesthetic


You will see this type of intellect in philosophers and the like as they ask the big questions of our lives as humans and the Universe.


I would say that this type of intellect is pretty evident. These humans are challenged by arithmetic problems, large and small as well as strategy games and experiments of any kind. Scientists, mathematicians and even detectives are typically of this type.

Musical Intelligence

Another no brainer in my opinion as to how you see humans and their talents in this type of intelligence. Great with discerning all different facets of music in its enjoyment and creation, you will see composers, musicians and vocalists in this realm of intellect.


This type is all about the outdoors and nature. The ability to read and even sense nature. Botanists, farmers, hunters and gatherers are typically naturalists.

So what type are you?

Any of these sound familiar or strike a chord? It can help you find out where you are supposed to be in life if you aren’t where you want to be already.

Here is a very easy test to find out…