Two posts ago, I was talking about what I liked to do while driving which is to listen to audio tapes or some media type of motivational and/or educational audios.  Because I did this, I had a phenomenal few days because I was just on top of the world with the fresh knowledge that was in my head! Not fear and doubt.

Then I started thinking: why can’t I always be like this? Heck, why can’t we all be like this?

Well,  there will come a time when I have conditioned my mind to be in that constant state of euphoria.  But as this is my passion and happy place (hence the illustrious website), I will continue to read and experience and learn.  I will try to help you all do the same, if you want.

We are magnificent children of God and we are made in his image and create our own lives every day, every second of it. But we have a journey to live. A sculptor does not want to just wish his art to appear, he wants to create it. That is his joy.   We need to get to these awesome places of euphoria a.k.a. our lives by digging out through two things that are holding us back.


Doubt in that you may think you are not good enough or worthy enough to lead an awesome life and don’t deserve it. You do deserve it. We all do. But you have to believe it. You have to be focused enough to know that a life of happiness and gratitude is yours if you want it and it starts within you.  Get rid of the sloppy thinking and get a clue about your value in life.

Fear in that you may think you can’t handle or build an awesome life.  You can. And how are your REALLY gonna know until you try? What is it gonna hurt to try.  All you can do is fail.

Fail is such an ugly misused word. It should not have negative connotations to it. All fail is is one other way not to work. It’s a lesson how not to do something. If you have a mindset that fail is a bad thing, then get rid of that mindset as it is not doing you any good.


While you may be experiencing these two things(I don’t want to judge you-you know if you are afflicted of these things or not), you are missing out. Or maybe not, maybe you are getting bits of inspiration of how you can improve something or create something and you are ignoring them. Ignoring those ideas maybe because of doubt and/or fear. Guess what? When you are getting those epiphanies, that is the Universe giving you a clue of your worth. It is the Universe throwing you a bone, as it were, and it is called intuition.  Follow it.

Please don’t tell me you are just lazy…

Do you have visions of a great life free of debt or heartache or whatever you are suffering from right now? Good. That is the first step. Your inner you is dreaming that it is possible. You just have to free yourself and focus on having that great life.  Focus and follow it.

Also, you don’t have to know HOW this great life is going to come about or WHEN, it is just the WHAT and the WHY you have to worry about. You have to know what you want unequivocally and start taking steps towards it. Any steps. Baby steps. Forward motion towards that what. And you have to know why. Why do you want to have what you are desiring. It may be obvious, but you still have to state and write it down. Just like you what. If your what and why are not written down, they are but a mere thought in your head. Your what and your why need to have more solidity and value than that. Your what and your why deserve being written down.


The final step is that you have to practice. You have to practice feeling how you will feel when you have your desire. I know what you are thinking: How do I know how being loved feels like I will when I meet my soulmate? Or I don’t know what being a millionaire feels like.

News flash: If your brain cannot comprehend that feeling now, then it never will. And since you create your life, you have to create that feeling posthaste and in a premature fashion. Feelings are the most important part of this equation. Feelings are very strong energy.   This is how the Universe knows what you want.

This is the Law of Attraction.

And the Universe wants it more than you do because it wants you to be happy. It is waiting for you to figure this step out.

So do yourself a large and figure out what you think you are missing and ask for it. Use positive words (Not ‘I don’t want to be lonely’, or ‘I don’t want to be poor’…turn it around), focus on your desires, pretend you already have them and the Universe will deliver. The more focused and motivated and positive you are, the quicker the results will come.

So you may have suspected that fear and doubt are hindering you…maybe not.  But you do know you create your life.  No matter what.  Or maybe you do now. Or maybe you have been reminded. This post also reminded you that you should search yourself to find out what is holding you back.

Are you getting any bits of inspiration from the Universe? Or are you ignoring them?

I hope this post was of some value to you as I fully intend it to be. We are here to be creating our lives, not letting them just happen to us. If you have any comments, please share them below and please share this post with someone who can benefit from it. Knowledge is free.