I want you to realize something.  There is more to you than what you see in the mirror every day. Much more. And that more is what you are.  And no matter how beautiful you think you are in the mirror(at least I am hoping you do), your ‘more’ is absolutely stunning in comparison.

You are a subject, but nonphysical in nature. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are objects. They are not you. They are a part of you that you can control. At this point, like me, they may partly be in control of you. But as soon as you get a glimpse through the veil of these thoughts, feelings and emotions that cloud your vision and clarity, you will see your awakening as your journey.

You are always in three distinct planes of being:

  • Spiritually(highest)
  • Intellectually(mid)
  • Physically(lowest)

As the “More” that we are, we are supposed to work from top to bottom.  To think of things we desire in our spiritual sense and how we want life in this body which should be of a  free nature and reality without suffering. After all we are creators as we were created in the image of God!! Why would we create a life of misery on purpose?

From there we go to our intellectual level where you build an idea. Ideas on how you can create that something. That’s your purpose. It may not be a concrete object, it could be intangible in nature.  That could be where the idea of the American dream to own your own business came from.

To follow through with this, you move to the physical nature of creation.

People are rewarded everyday for their creations and keep on creating. Some only create one thing.  But be aware that their creations started with a desire to be and to create and ended with a result which benefitted them in some way, most likely financially.

But, alas, many do not live or look at their lives like that. They look at the result in front of them and formulate ideas and bring about emotions and thoughts that support the result they see in front of them.

Because the ‘process’ is supposed to work the other way around (and it does),  you are now only creating a vicious cycle of whatever your result is. Which is what you do not want.

The Universe doesn’t see the word ‘don’t’. It just sees the word want. In other words whatever you focus on expands.

So what do you want? Is that what you are focused on?

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I hope this was a learning experience for you.  Plus I hope you have the vision and idea to learn more by attending his upcoming seminar as it will be incredible. Also, please share any comments you could have below and share this with everyone you know.