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How to thrive while driving

So in my current work, I may do some driving from time to time. Today, for instance, I drove 10 hours straight. I have pitstopped for the night and tomorrow I have about another hour to go, depending on traffic into the Big Apple.

On my trips, I do a lot of visioneering or just driving and being in the moment.  What is visioneering, you ask? Watch the video below.

You can get this book he is speaking of, Visioneering: God’s Blueprint for Developing and Maintaining Vision,
by clicking here.

But I digress…

I had done this listening to audiobooks one other time on my trip to Florida last year and listened to the whole “Conversations With God” audio! It was awesome!!  Listen to audiobooks!!  I have listed some of the audios I listened to today below  so you can also enjoy:

Knowing I would be driving again for work, I periodically would be adding interesting ones to my  “Watch Later” queue.  They all range from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours so they are perfect for road trips.

Not only am I doing something I enjoy(road trips and solitude) but I am getting paid for driving AND learning/self growth at the same time!! How is that for multitasking!?!

This new habit gave me lots of new ideas and material to post about, so we all benefit.

The only downfall?  Recording thoughts and ideas while driving…

So if you have an Aux jack on your car radio or maybe you have bluetooth, you can hook it up and listen. you just have to find a good audio to listen to which is easier to find on a computer. It helps to already have a youtube account. Which is tied to Google if you did not already know that. It’s really easy to do. Let me know if you have questions.

Short post, I know but lots of information to absorb and flourish from. Because of course, that is what I am all about. Sharing and helping. If anyone has any ideas such as these you can pass on to the rest of us, please share in the comments below. Also, sharing this post would be most awesome, as well.



22 thoughts on “How to thrive while driving”

  1. hey, I really enjoyed reading about how I can thrive while driving. It’s a great idea to learn some stuff, especially self-development. Thanks for the tip, will try it myself next time I go traveling.

    It’s heaps better than listening to the radio and listening to blah blah all day.

    enjoyed your article,

  2. I have transformed my vehicle into a mobile university by listening to audiobooks while i drive. I love this post. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about enjoying the solitude of a long drive, just you and your thoughts, and audiobooks help to not only make the drive more enjoyable but you’re training as well.

    Nice post.

    1. thank you very much. I will be looking for new ways to do this and find free ones online as I won’t eat u my data so much. then look for more opportunities to drive.

  3. This is interesting info. Thanks Brent! I haven’t heard of visioneering before. I’ll look into it more.
    Your job sounds awesome too. The road can be quite peaceful. It’s all about training the mind…or in this generation’s case, reprogramming it.

  4. He makes a lot of valid points in the video but I think there’s a lot more that can be done that makes the process a lot more complicated than he makes it out to seem.
    Have you read his book? And are there any other, shorter length audio books that I could try?

    1. There are all sorts of lengths of audiobooks on youtube. Plus you can just buy some. I have not read his book at this point. It is in a long line. Currently I am enjoying Igniting the Sixth Sense.

      Thanks for your comments. Cheers.

  5. I love audiobooks. When I use to commute every day, my tape didn’t have a chance to take a break!

    It is the best thing to have. A solitude in the moment and have a breakthrough idea while driving!

    Sadly, I don’t have to commute for long. My office is just 15 minutes drive from my home. I just have to learn another way. Reading a book is always fun anyway.

    1. absolutely. both are good. And I love books because you can always look back to read and absorb if you need to. Not quite as easy with a tape or CD. thank you for your comments.

  6. This is a great idea to utilize long drives to gain insight. Generally, when me and my husband go for long road trips, we fight over whose favorite songs to play 🙂 Now listening a good audio book could be a solution and way of getting knowledge!

  7. I have friends who listen to audiobooks while driving and they’ve gone through a lot of series and stuff doing that, so I can definitely attest to this! I don’t drive over here in my work country, but I also listen to audiobooks when I commute. It’s great since I’m finishing my to-be-read list and not wasting time just sitting idly doing nothing.

    Great post and something I really relate to!

  8. Hi Brent

    I always have some sort of self-help or personal development audio file or CD playing on my radio when I’m driving anywhere.

    I find It’s a great way of learning as having an audio-book playing in the background while I’m driving actually allows a lot more of what is being taught sink in subconsciously.

    Looking forward to more of your posts in the future.

    Alan 🙂

    1. I wish I had started doing this a long time ago!! But it is all there now. Please let me know what your site is as well!! thanks for the comments!!

  9. Hello Brent, short and sweet.
    I am at home mainly, but I utilize subliminals, some just in the background and others with a headphone as I construct and type my posts. Because I don’t have to ‘listen to it’ it does not distract me. Not the same as an audio-book, on these occasions, but the same principle works. Why not reprogram the mind as you do something else at the same time indeed. Thanks for the post.

  10. I’m in a car the majority of my day as well, and I also listen to a lot of audio. I think if people actually knew how much time they spend in a vehicle during a week, they’d be surprised at how much time they have where they could be listening to something that may help them better formulate a vision and plan.

  11. Hi Brent,

    Thanks for the interesting post Brent. I often go on long drives alone and feel bored and sleepy after a while. It is a great idea to listen some motivation audio books which will help me keep my senses awake and also help me improve my inner self. Thanks again.

    Manivannan Y

    1. I am glad to be of help. I have found using this type of exercise while driving to be a supremely good use of my time. That always me feel good about myself. Thank you for the comments.

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