I may not have mentioned this before. Maybe I have. Not sure. Or maybe I have just insinuated it…but this site is not just for teaching but for learning. This one is learning about your demons.

What I mean by that is what I read I also pass on to you which helps me to learn.

And I learn from some of the darnedest places. It’s all about being aware of all that is around you by not being ‘saturated’ by your thoughts to the point you don’t pick up what is going around you.

So what I have learned I also saw in the meme below…

demon snuggle OYL

While this is obviously supposed to be funny in that some of us are very close to our demons. In the realm of self improvement and self growth, this is spot-on!!

To get rid of the demons, we are supposed to snuggle with them!!

Well, kinda.

Let’s start with this premise.  Whatever you resist, persists. To actually try to delete something out of your head-those demons-trying to forget them is not going to work.

You have to accept them. But you have to welcome them first.

You have to be so comfortable with them that they think that you really want them to be there.

Then they will go away.

It should be noted that I can be such a sarcastic human that many other humans in my personal life do not know when they can take me seriously or not.

But I am pretty sure that my personal demons don’t operate like that.

How do I know that? I can feel the demons going away…

It’s just ignore and resist and they will stay around, but if you welcome and accept them, then they don’t want to be around anymore.

Quite a love-hate relationship, huh?

I am living proof that this is the way to go about it, though. You have to face your demons head on and they will see that they no longer have an effect on you.

What happens then is phenomenal.

It is like the air filter in your car. Once you have a filter that is clean of dirt and debris, your car runs a lot smoother and faster because it can take in more air. Your engine doesn’t have to work as hard.

That is called in the auto engine world ‘volumetric efficiency’.

The dirt and debris in that proverbial filter can be compared to the demons in your head. Once you have got them packing by just staring at them right in the face, they go away and you brain is clear and works more like it is supposed to.

Cleaner and healthier.beyond OYL

More reliable and lucky and willing to help you succeed in life.

I am thinking that getting rid of the demons means that your mind is clear of the chatter going on. Meaning you don’t have to work so hard to be aware. It will just come naturally…

Yes, sometimes those little bastards may need to be snuggled a little.

But you know what? That’s okay because now you KNOW how to have them go away.

The challenge is this: finding them.

demonic 2 OYL

All I can tell you on that is that you have to start with awareness. Notice when you have resistance to whatever and then question yourself why you have that resistance.

That will draw the demons out.

Remember that everything has no meaning until you put meaning to it. If the meaning you put to something has a negative vibe, then that is most likely one of your demons giving its two cent’s worth.

So you just listen.

Because-again-you are not your thoughts.

Just listen and be aware.

It will get easier I promise you. But you have to get started.

In a Shakira song from the Zootopia movie, there is a line that resonates with me in this respect:

“Birds don’t just fly, they fall down and get up.”

This is obviously a whole different subject that can be explored within the self help subject, but the video is awesome and so is its message.

You may take for granted that birds have to learn to fly. They may make it look easy now while you watch them, but it was a process to get up there.

Same with you. There are humans now who see me as a very laid back guy with his proverbial shit together with little to be stressed about. That is because I have already recognized many of my demons and have snuggled with them until they got sick of me and packed their bags and left.

So back to our current subject of eradicating those pesky demons, the process really is so simple. Find them and then love them.

Then they will go away. You are releasing them.

hands release OYL

I can now be anywhere and just breathe in and feel my skull alive with air as I have cleaned the dirt, dust and debris of more and more demons from me, increasing my mind’s volumetric efficiency.

All it takes is awareness to start.

Life is an awesome thing that we can and should all take full advantage of.

I would love to have you here, too.

Here is really an awesome place to be.

So let me know if I can help in any way. Questions or comments and shares of this information will help more humans.  I would love to hear from you.

Till next time.