I have been watching the latest Disney movie, Moana here lately…a lot. I want to say thank you to Disney and I am sure Disney will say you’re welcome for bringing it to the screen.

Having a 3 year old granddaughter in the house has it’s advantages. I am sure there are many out there who have toddlers in the house that can relate.

What I wanted to bring attention to is the catchy tune song by Dwayne Johnson as the Demi-God character Maui in this movie.

Oh, it’s catchy. And if you listen to the words, it is just a bit over-the-top and grand to say the least. Certainly not pretentious.

But, hey…he is a Demi-god…

So after hearing/watching this clip, I am sure you could say the Maui has done a lot for the human race. All true?  Who knows. We weren’t around to experience…LOL

I understand that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a pretty humble guy despite what he has accomplished (so far) in his lifetime. But I can only imagine his ‘high’ after singing this…

Back to the points…two of them.

What do you do for others?

Are you totally aware of what you do for other people due to your life and their ‘involvement’ in it?

Do you provide a life for other people? The clothes on their back? The roof over their heads? You should be aware and thankful for what you do for others. That you CAN do that for them.

Even if they don’t thank you.

How about at  work?

Assuming you do give it your all ALL the time…I know I do.

Your bosses or co-workers may not even know all the work you do to make life easier on them.  Tooting your own horn once in a while is a good idea-with tact.

But what you are doing is because you want to be your best and that overflows to others.

Not doing everything you can at your best is resistance and although it exists, there should be no place in the Universe for that.

Now about random acts of kindness.

This video brought tears to my eyes. Literally.
He certainly raised his frequency

I think you have got the point on this one. Selflessness is valuable in a lot of ways…

You’re welcome is antiquated and dissatisfying

Let’s look at that phrase for moment shall, we?

It has been found as far back as the 1600’s in the Oxford English Dictionary as I read from this site and has evolved into ‘you are welcome to my help’.  So why do we do this as Americans?

Shakespeare’s play Othello (circa 1603) has this exchange:

Lodovico: Madam, good night; I humbly thank your ladyship.
Desdemona: Your honour is most welcome.

In contrast, the French and Spanish’s customary reply to thanks is the equivalent of ‘it’s nothing’.

Maybe Maui in the Moana film should have said ‘it’s nothing’. As it probably wasn’t anything for him.

But is there a better way to handle being thanked? I am thinking so.

Although I use ‘you are welcome’ as a general return, there are  many other I prefer to use that, at heart, means ‘my pleasure’  or ‘I hope this helps’.

What to say instead, to accentuate the feeling?

I am thinking somewhere in the realm of ‘pay it forward’…

What if you were to say something along the lines of “I know you will do the same thing for someone else’.

While doing my research, I came along this article which resonated with me. The writer, Professor Adam Grant, speaks of the case of reciprocity.

If you just say ‘I know you would do the same for me’, you are limiting yourself to reciprocity form that particular person.

But to broaden by saying in some words ‘just pay it forward’, well just think of the range of people you would affect?

The character Trevor in the movie has re-introduced a concept that could eventually affect the whole world. This from an elementary school kid.

Isn’t this how we are all supposed to live? Every little bit helps, right?

So I am hoping starting with a bit of comic relief, you can see the value of this post.

You can send me a thank you or the like incumbents, if you wish. But as I have already spelled out here, extending the love in the message is the best way to go, here. Don’t you agree? So let’s share, shall we?