There has been a lot of ‘drama’ and pain around me here recently.  The worst kind of drama being the kind where you are affected but really have no way of ‘extinguishing’ it. Why? Because it is not your drama but caused by someone else’s situation in life that are quite close to you.

At any rate, sometimes this is going to happen. You wish you could help. You can give advice, but if they are not in your way of awareness and thinking, you are pretty unsuccessful and frustrated. Even look like an asshole.

So the key here you wish you could communicate is detachment. Remove the pressures of acting like the way you think you should act because that is how society has conditioned you to act, even if the actions are painful.

Ain’t it funny?

Funny how we just do what we THINK we are supposed to do? Act how we THINK we are supposed to act. For who?  Who are we reacting for?

Never mind how we really just want to let go of the pain of resistance, but our mind holds onto the situation until we are irrational with undue anguish and turmoil?!?

Or maybe we are reacting thinking we are going to get more unjust reaction from someone else in response to ours…

I am sure this scenario has caused much pain and injury both mentally and physically for humans and maybe even death in some places. I am not going there.

I am simply stating that REacting to a situation is not the best thing to do for your sanity and peace of mind. Try some resilience.

So all pain comes from resistance. To get away from this pain, you must detach. You must detach from the attachments that is causing the pain because at the end of the day, all will be gone anyways.silhouette OYL

How can it be relayed this wisdom? How can you convince that REacting is not going to bring them peace?

You don’t. You comfort the best you can. Offer a meager smile knowing that you cannot jump into that boat of sorrow they are currently wallowing in.

And possibly continue to look like that asshole..

But at least I am a happy asshole.

Resilient and happy.

I was reminded of a song that would relay my point in tune…

Three simple words that can relieve the pain.

The person in question has so many questions to be answered. They may never be answered.

All I can say is that all happens for a reason. Be strong.  The sooner you raise your vibrations, the better off you will be.

I am pretty confident that this will not be one of my more popular posts. As I try to stay in the positive realm of things here, I believe I did a decent job of not getting too dark and revealing of the situation.

miss OYLWhat I do want to say is that I do love this person and my heart grieves for them, even though it may not show. I wish we could just all move on now.

I wish I could help more. I wish you could see the light I am shining for you to show you the way. I wish you could see the possibilities.

But alas…you are still submerged in your sorrows.

I hope you come to the surface soon.