I have been typing here for the last 6 posts on how you work in relation to the rest of the Universe.

You. Meaning your role in how the Universe works and how you can benefit from it and what the Universe benefits from you.

From open and closed systems to chaos and entropy and dissipative goings on from the Universal perspective, you and I have learned a lot.

Let’s not forget mind maps.

But what I am about to tell you is this. We really don’t even want to be using our maps.


Because that means we are not living consciously.

Now granted, this would be a very hard thing to do since once we learn to do something like ride a bike or tie our shoes or make the  ultimate burrito, those ‘tasks’ end up be recorded into our maps for next time we do that task.  And it was hard learning to do those tasks. You thought you would NEVER get it. But once you did, it was second nature to you.

I remember when my mother and I were in the U.K. and she decided she would rent a car and drive us to Stratford upon Avon to see a Shakespeare play.  She could not use her already recorded driving skills because she had to drive on the left side of the road. She had to consciously drive. Very scary experience indeed. For me AND for her. But of course, she picked it up and things were fine. I think she only took out, like two rear view mirrors.

Anyways. So to live consciously the first step is to take responsibility for EVERYTHING that happens to you and your reactions to it as mentioned in my last post.  To do this means that things won’t just ‘happen’ to you. As you are taking responsibility, you will realize you can have control.

So the next step is to not RE-act to your life, but to ACT.  Of course acceptance is key here.  You do not have control of everything that goes on, but you do have control over how you react to it.  Accepting life and letting it flow while being consciously aware and not using your map a.k.a. automatic response system is acting not RE-acting.

Added bonus: Not resisting is best for you and the Universe.

This is being conscious.

To be able to look around you and enjoy what the awesome world around you has to offer and not daydreaming or worrying about anything is good.  It also helps you from not walking out in front of a moving bus.

The best thing about being conscious though is the fact that it makes  it virtually impossible from doing something that is bad for you.  You are not stuck in the same map actions you previously performed which means you are taking positive forward action in your life. You are not living in a loop.

What facilitates this? I have said it before and I will say it again: meditation. Along with of course what is typed above.  Using Holosync will help you to live more consciously, as well.

So to sum up,

  1. Figure out how you like or automatically go unconscious as in drinking, overeating, taking drugs, acting out, blaming others…what is your thing? Ask others around you. they maybe able to help. But don’t ask if you are not gonna want to hear the answer. Remember acceptance.
  2. Be attentive and alert about noticing them in your daily activities.
  3. This is the tough one. Let it happen but don’t be what happens. In other words, you are not your thoughts or reactions. Notice what you are doing. Witness it. Without judging yourself.

THEN you can flourish.

Please leave any comments or questions as I love the interaction. Also please share if you have anyone who would get value from this post.