The concept is called whole brain synchronization. This is how you make your brain better.

I have talked many times in this blog about the benefits of meditation. Let’s go through the list again, shall we?

  • Improves concentration
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases happiness
  • Increases acceptance(less resistance)
  • Encourages you to start healthier lifestyle
  • helps you increases self awareness
  • slows your aging

That really is a very basic list but hits the biggest points humans are concerned about.

The way that you reach the awesome benefits above is because of your brain strengthening and growing through a continued meditation practice.

Whole brain thinking is reaching a higher connection between the two hemispheres of your brain, left and right. 

It’s like going to the gym and lifting weights for your brain. Mediation strengthens what is called the corpus callosum, which is the ‘bridge’ between your two brain hemispheres. This allows more interaction between the two hemispheres…

More whole brain thinking.

Tests and studies done on the greatest thinkers, inventors and artists of our time show they have tremendous whole brain thinking going on.

Left or Right?

Left dominant brained people are sequential, analytical,  logical, practical, mathematical, linear,  and scientific.

Right dominant brained people, on the other hand are more space oriented and creative, abstract and big picture focused. More intuitive.

So tell me, are you right or left dominant?

left right dominant Optimize your lifeI will be honest with you, I have always been a bit more left brained. But in my meditation practices, I have started thriving in some awesome ways. That has got to be attributed to my hemispheres syncing up.

That also has a lot to do why this website has come about.

The New Stuff-Pills

You can imagine that there are many scientists out there who have tried to ‘hack’ the brain to help it be better.

smart drugs optimize your lifeNootropics, for one. Which are essentially smart drugs. I have not had any that did not give me a headache to the point I did not care to take them anymore.

For this reason, I am not going to even go into any type of nootropic use here on this site as I cannot obviously speak from experience.  It may work for others but it didn’t for me.

If you have ever heard of Limitless the movie or series, there is where all the hype came from as far as nootropics go. With the usual hollywood spin, of course.

Do nootropics help whole brain thinking and synchronization? I could not find any documentation to that effect.


Then there is entrainment. Brainwave entrainment, to be exact.

entrainment optimize-your-life.netThis is where you have a soundtrack you are listening to-with stereo headphones most likely-and the audio has different frequencies played and your brain will naturally ‘sync’ to the frequencies.

Although this technology does not work for all people, I personally have enjoyed and will probably continue to for a long while.

My personal favorite? Holosync.

Bill Harris with Centerpointe Research Institute has helped millions of people with his Holosync technology since the 80’s, I believe.

The dates may not be right, but the number of people helped is.

There are many other audio meditation products out there to list. Do they work? I haven’t any positive comments except the hype behind them by the people who made them.

The Wrap Up

The theme of this post was to bring to light the importance of whole brain thinking and synchronization to get your brain better. There have been countless studies on the topic of whole brain synchronization and meditation is unequivocally the best way to get your brain stronger.

better brain optimize your life.netThere are a few shortcuts to get you to whole brain synchronization faster, but the human brain is way too different from human to human to just have one answer to the question of how to make your brain better shortcuts.

There is no doubt that whole brain synchronization is an answer, though. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

So the call to action here is to get started meditating if you haven’t already.  Study up on yourself. Be aware of how your brain works.

Posts like this just touch the surface. But I will keep at it. Let me know in my comment section how you feel about my post and share with ones who you feel would benefit.