woman-73403_640I was asked to address addiction in a post by one of my illustrious readers and thought that it would be an interesting topic in my context, so here goes…

I am not here to diagnose anything, obviously. If anything, this is a learning experience for all of us. On how to fight addiction.

First of all we have to start out with a definition. Addiction is a physical or mental dependency on a substance. I suppose the would be the definition in the broadest sense, so let’s look at cause of addiction. Causes include:

  • at first, just curiosity which leads to dependence
  • chronic pain which leads to drugs which leads to dependence on said drugs
  • belief of no control of their lives

cocaine-396751_640I am sure that there are more, but without a medical degree, I will just leave the list at that. I will say that many professionals believe that mental disorders such as schizophrenia and the like and sometimes more than one mental disorder at a time(called a comorbid condition) are the cause of addiction. And then they know how to fight addiction.

To know the cause is the key to the cure, I would think , but in my case, I would like to expound on one specific ‘cure’ for addictions: connectedness. With one another.

I read through a few different articles online before I found this one here that is a synopsis of Johann Hari’s book Chasing The Scream which you can find here.  I learned a few things from the other articles, but not as much as I was enlightened here in Johann’s article. It resonated deeply with me.

The experiments started with rats. To cut to the chase, rats weren’t getting addicted to the drugs they were given when they were nearby other rats. But when they were alone they would get addicted….

girl-698632_640On to humans. In the early 2000’s Portugal’s heroin use was one of the largest in Europe and getting worse. They resolved to decriminalize all drugs and put all those funds to fight drugs into a new program that reconnected all those users to their own feelings and to society. This included secure homes and food and jobs. When his book Chasing the Scream was published in 2015, the addiction has fallen and injecting drug use is down by 50%. So THAT was how to fight addiction.

So what does this say? Humans are bonding animals. They need to connect and love in their way. And when they can’t…

communication-1015376_640So let me theorize for a moment: We are all vibrating energy. Souls connected to one another. But what if we can’t see or feel that connection? We look for something that can take that connection’s place. Simple.

I am not advocating any certain religion or spirituality here because at the end of the day, I just want you–us– all to be happy. To be whole. Through connecting with each other. All religions are essentially a group believing in the same thing, right?  And that camaraderie is what we crave. Then of course, there is the finding the love of our life. Our soulmate.  Well, that is certainly a bit tougher to achieve but suffice to say, it still starts with loving and accepting ourselves.  And I can’t say that you ever will find that love but I do believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason.

So there is my ‘take’ on addiction.  We all need to be part of society and loving and loved at our comfort level to be in our own optimized world. Some humans may need more loving than others. But that’s ok. We are all the same in that we are all different.

stainless-1728272_640We should just love each other for that. And THAT is how you fight addiction.

Comments, shares and accolades welcome and appreciated.