head-1588413_640I am not really sure anyone is as confident as they want to be. But it sure is important. Self confidence shows in everything we do.

You may think that whatever you have for self confidence is what you have and that’s it.  But you know what? That’s just not true. What you think of yourself(your self confidence) is just an idea that has developed in your head.  And as you know, an idea can be changed.

Your first step? Self love and self acceptance. More on that on a future post I am sure, but suffice to say that is obviously important part of being confident.

We will start with this little, but important tidbit of information that plays a VERY big part of your world. The subconscious mind makes no distinction between what’s real and what is imagined. It works with the material we feed it through our thoughts. It readily translates any thought into reality—whether it’s driven by fear or courage.

In other words, you are exactly what you think you are through your years of conditioning yourself. If you think you are important, others will think so too. Why? Because how you think determines how you act and that determines how others react to you.

So to start gaining confidence, you have to start telling yourself that you are. Affirmations are what they are called. Kind, positive, empowering words and phrases that you can believe. affirmations-441457_640A steady flow of those into your subconscious as much as possible while ‘checking’ your actions and other thoughts racing around your head, and you are home free! The more you ‘feed’ yourself the good stuff, the sooner you will see positive results.

And celebrate when you do see positive results!! Not just big accomplishments favoring your new tasks but little wins, too.

So while you are pushing out all those less than desirable thoughts, there is something else you could be doing…ACT AS IF!!

Think and act like the person you want to be!! You have to practice, right? You are not just going to be that confident person without practicing how to do it. After all, as far as you are concerned, you don’t have any self confidence. So you need to figure out what that (meaning you) person is going to be like and practice.motivation-1101844_640

You will get better. I promise.

Another part in that? What are your fears? Figure out what they are and conquer them. That is a confidence builder for sure.

In other words, if you want to change yourself, you have to change your mind. It is possible. WE can all do it…many have. Be what you want to be and mean it.

You will thank your self. And the sooner you start, the sooner you will start seeing results.