I have commented on or used paradigms on this site 8 different times in the past 13 months.  Two times I mentioned paradigms in the title to the post. That was here and here.

I am positive humans were able to gain insight from both those posts, which is why I shared them again.

I would like to cover the subject of paradigms again and then give you some free knowledge building materials and an offer to a program that will change your life.

If you have read my past post/s on paradigms, then you know who Bob Proctor is. He is the one who taught me about paradigms and teaches me something I every time I go to one of his emails or his book or website.

He is truly a master of his trade and training. As well he should be since he has been training fellow humans in the art of self development for 50 years.

So, the paradigm, by definition is, in this context, an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way. That was taken from Merriam Webster dictionary.

With that in mind, I would like to give some examples of paradigms which will also be paradigms that Bob Proctor says are examples of paradigms we may not even realize we have.   I will also provide an example of a new perspective that will help you shift said paradigm.

5 subtle paradigms

I need the world’s approvalapproval

We tend to want to get outside validation from fellow humans instead from within ourselves.

We just don’t value our own abilities.In truth, we are all made in God’s image and we have the power  to create or doom our lives.Take a good honest  look at yourself and be aware if you have good intentions for yourself. If you don’t, that is a damaging paradigm that must got away.

Bob suggests that you take on the new perspective in your life that spirit guides you all the time.

I am unlovablelovable

I have got to tell you that no-one is going to love you truly unless you can and do love yourself.

Sure you may get married and have children even but if you don’t truly love yourself, you will have problems down the line.You have the freedom to feel any way you want to about yourself.

Sit down and write down a list of what you love about yourself. What do you do well? What do you friends like about you. Put the list where you can see it every day to remind yourself.

Bob suggests thinking your new perspective on this should be I love myself and this love comes back to me.

I have reached my income limitincome

You have been making the same amount for several years now with no promotions or pay raises.The sky is the limit on your income but you cannot get there by thinking, feeling or talking about ‘can’t’.

And thinking about your lack will not help your situation as the Universe will return to you what you are thinking about.By redirecting your mind to abundance and having a property consciousness, you will be doing your mind and life right.

Bob suggests the mindset of I am excited about my financial future.

My best days are behind mebest days

A lot of us are thinking that, if you are in your 40s or beyond, their lives are done as far as accomplishing things. But that is simply not true. People live long fruitful lives way beyond those years with a bit of application and action.This may especially be true if you have given up on your goals. It doesn’t have to be that way. Reapply yourself and move on with a grand vision for yourself.Bob suggest you take on a perspective of your best years have yet to come.

Everything is finelife is fine

This involves your settling with what you have. With letting life happen to you instead of creating your life. With thinking that you deserve more.

You do.

Maybe you just have given up and just not invested the time to think about what it is you truly want. Without a goal or goals, you will be left with little to be happy about when you are on your death bed.

Bob suggests a new attitude of I am happy, but not satisfied.

The Free Stuff

So I borrowed this from Bob’s article here. I gave a synopsis of this article and hope that you gained some knowledge from it and urge you to read his article yourself if you think I did not do it justice.

Also I urge you to read his free book which you can get on the same site I kneed to above or here on my site. It is not the top of the list and it is called ‘You Were Born Rich’.

Here is a short video to help your cause…

You can also get the book he has been reading every day since 1968 by Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich on that same page as You were born rich. It is also free.

The Program

I also invite you to sign up for his streaming course called Paradigm Shift. You can sign up for that at the link below.


I hope you are able to join us and change your life for the better.

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