Since I turned off the television and then disconnected the satellite, my life has effectively changed. I do my best to stay away from processed foods and tap water because of fluoride ,as well. Staying away from mainstream news and commercials is something I also do because I abhor what we as humans in this country and world have been turning into. So I am a bit rebellious…

With that being said, working to get a presence on the web and  make a living doing it can be challenging when you do not conform to everyone else, as a good number of the audience  is ‘sleeping’ and brainwashed.

I am not.

So forging my own trail and being myself (or working on it, anyways) was something I knew I had a calling for.  I did not think of this being a rebellious act as I am more of a lover, not a fighter, but I suppose the ‘majority’ would consider my independence and awakening to be  a rebellious act and a threat.

Here are the things that I have been doing. Rebellious or not, they are right. Or right for me.

  • Following my passion. I have never worked a 9-5 job long term. I was bored out of my mind. I have been a writer forever it seems and especially once I learned HTML and created my first website. It was called TrkstrsPlayground. Defunct now, it was around for awhile, before I started Then this site with the help of Wealthy Affiliate which has altered my life in many awesome ways. Anyways, suffice to say, that following my passion is a step away from what much of society is-damned.
  • Reading and thinking for myself. I am not at all like many people I know and now I enjoy that. That wasn’t the way it always was. I have always been more of a solitude kind of guy-reading and learning. But when you read and learn more, you question more. That is obviously rebellious.
  • Different interests. I do not watch sports or really get into them at all. Politics and pop culture is not really my cup of tea, either. I have learned to either ‘fake it’ really well or just totally go over the top heckling.  I am also not a fan of Christmas or Valentine’s day or holidays such as those. I appease to a point and withdraw. That is in its own way a rebellion, as far as my family feels.
  • Staying healthy. I am also not one to want to rely on the system. Systems such as our current healthcare system. I am sure we all have our opinions about that.  I am blessed with great health and take Asea as a supplement to assure that I keep that good health. Hour long dog walks and meditation also supplement my life.
  • Self acceptance. Searching for and finding who I am (I don’t think I am there yet) is important to me and threatening to modern society. Doing what I can with this blog in educating more humans to do the same is even more threatening. I am no MLK or Gandhi, but I know I have knowledge I can share and impart and I accept myself as who I am, no matter what that may end up being..

So I guess essentially this was not a how-to but how I inadvertently became a rebel. Always true in the heart I guess. As I am not fitted to be an activist.  This is how I ‘rebel’.  Doing what I want and writing about it. Quietly. And hoping even more humans will hear me anyways and come with me.

Again. Quietly.

Please comment anything that you think relevant to my composed mutiny. I would also love shares so that some other humans my read and also realize they are a reluctant rebel.