prairie-679014_640I have ‘touched’ on spirituality in several different ways in the last posts, but let’s take a look from another angle: yours. Specifically your consciousness.

To raise your consciousness is your release from the troubles and challenges you have around you.

If you are like me, you want to be proactive and find out how we (as in the human race) got to this stage in this first place. This stage of self-doubt, this lack of love we have for ourselves and each other, the deceit we throw at each other like monkeys throwing feces.

How Did We Get Here?

So how about a short explanation of what happened, shall we? We (as in the human race) at one point in time decide that we wanted more choices and we gave up perfection for polarity and separation from God. At that point, we starting losing ourselves to duality and forgetting how incredible a high consciousness could be. This condition we chose has gotten worse and worse to the point we are at today which is not being in touch with our own selves.

aachen-cathedral-1504242_640To say that we turned away from our greatness and that we can not turn back is fully false. We can find out true selves again and that is why I am working on myself and I want as many other enlightened humans as I can get to join me.  This power, this greatness is inside of us all and can be uncovered. Like an onion. Layer by layer.

How do we get back?

So let’s talk briefly about how to raise one’s consciousness. Brief because it really is easy to do. Free yourself from the limiting beliefs you have surrounding you. Feel your greatness.  Love yourself for who you are. Accept yourself for who you are. You are the only you!  Think outside of the box. Question authority. Realize that our culture feeds on our own self-doubt and encourages us to metastasize it within ourselves to conform.

To just ask what it would mean and how to raise your consciousness means that you have started the process in doing so. It means you are aware that you are on autopilot which millions of other ‘sheeple’ out there are.  Sheeple brainwashed to think that this life they have is it. That they deserve no more. That they are not enough to desire more. But they are. We all are…

You know what? You are not on autopilot any more!!

So what is this salvation I mentioned? You can be you. You can make your own choices. That is truly what our God wants us to be. Ourselves. To be euphorically ourselves.

romance-624249_640This isn’t knowledge in our heads.

If you think that this raising in happening in our heads, you would be mistaken. Our heads are what got us into this mess to begin with. Raising one’s consciousness is done within our hearts, which is the seat of your soul.  Your true self. As a matter of fact, you could say that this salvation is actually from a transference of power. Our head which is on autopilot loses to the power to direct your human form to your true self-your heart-with all its eons of wisdom.

Ain’t it cool?

You have within yourself the power to shake free of control. You can be yourself and odd and eccentric, if you would like. Just as long as you are yourself.

Salvation can come from many different directions depending on your religion. But if you can free yourself, you can be free, redundantly speaking.

meditation-644859_640I will see you here. If you choose to be. If you choose to do the work to be.

Be yourself and be awesome doing it. You and everyone else will love you for it.

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