So I have been going to church. I wanted to know about the Elevation Experience I have been hearing so much about.  Elevation church is pretty big in my area and he is also on Sunday television, I believe. This time the service was about being in the middle.

I have never been a big church-goer. I have not been in many years as my ‘job’ will not generally allow it every Sunday, so I forgo it entirely. I did not  consistently go while I was younger either, so I am just not a church going Christian. Or Baptist. Or whatever. I am my own religion, I suppose.

It’s all good, no matter what

I have said this before and I will say again: I don’t feel I am a sinner. Therefore, I don’t need to be ‘saved’. At least not at this point in time. I do believe in a higher power and don’t believe that everything all around us is just ‘evolution’. There is something much bigger and more powerful than us working for us.  Can this something be considered a someone? Is a God a someone or is a God a God?  Ubiquitous and omniscient in His own right.  We are created in His own image, I am told, so can’t we be considered Gods ourselves? We do create our lives.

If you need to have your ‘separate’ God and need to worship Him so that He will be within you, that is fine.  He is always there, no matter what you call Him.

When we consider what is our thought of God we find that it is our own soul stripped of all inferiority and carried out to perfection. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We all have our religious preferences…or not.  And because so many millions of people have died in the name of religion through our times, some can consider religion to be a bad thing. It’s all about perspective.

But I digress…

In the middle

The reason I am writing this is because of Steven Furtick‘s sermon today.  He was talking about being in the middle.

In the middle being in between the past which is already gone and the future which hasn’t happened yet.

Well, that’s what this site has been pointing out the whole time it has been alive. Be in the moment. Live in the moment. Be right here. I have hopefully explained well enough how to be in that magical moment.

So I have been doing the same thing Furtick is doing, just from a different angle. And not on Sundays or from over 10 locations.

I am not going to go too deep into his sermon.  It was powerful and you can go to the Elevation church website and see it soon, I am sure. There is a reason Furtick is a pastor because he is awesome and I will most likely continue to go as I enjoy hearing his message.

There was something that he said  that I wanted to share with you.

Furtick said “We are (left) here on this Earth, so we can bring Heaven to our situation.”

Absolutely beautiful.

We are here to be happy, and to be living our best life possible and continue to make our Heaven better. With the best mindset and attitude.

Be. Our. Heaven.

I love that. I have said that same thing in many ways through this site and I mean every word of it.

Be. Our. Heaven.

When you are at your best, how many people can and will you help consciously or even ‘by accident’?  When you do your best and stretch and break your boundaries, to get better and get optimized, how will people treat you and possibly even emulate you?

How many people have been treated well, emulated, and maybe even idolized already because of what they have done? I can name quite a few: Bill Gates, Oprah, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Steven Furtick…they found their purpose, they worked hard and accomplished and helped fellow humans while they did it. They became the their greatest selves by being the difference.

They were being there Heaven. Focused and optimized.

They were in their own middle.

Are you in your middle? Or do you live in the past, constantly thinking about how things could be different if you did a certain thing different? Or do you constantly tell yourself I will be happy when I do this or have this much money or possess this thing or relationship?

Why don’t you just be your heaven now?

Would love to hear your thoughts(unless you plan to judge) and hope that you can share this if you feel it is of value for others.