I cannot remember where I ran across this neuroscientist/pharmacologist’s work to begin with, but I was fascinated when I read the title about your subconscious…

“Your Body is your Subconscious Mind: Mind-Body Medicine Becomes the Science of Psychoneuroimmunology(PNI)”

This work was started by Dr.Candace Pert, PhD in the early 70’s when as a novice neuropharmacologist she sought out to find the  opiate receptor for her doctoral dissertation at John Hopkin’s. She then lead a team at NIH(National Institute of Health) for 15 years that published over 200 papers all about the discovery of numerous ‘neuropeptides’. She also was nominated for  the Lasker Award known better as the American Nobel Prize concerning her work with the opiate receptor.

So what is the opiate receptor? Well let’s start by finding out what a receptor is. Receptors sit on the outside of your all of your body’s internal cells and number in the hundreds of thousands on every cell. Specialized cells called neurons may have millions of receptors and they all wait individually for a ligand (chemical key) to fit into that specific individual receptor.  The most common ligand is called the (neuro)peptide. When the ligand goes and fits into the right receptor, that cell undergoes huge changes which can be either positive or negative.

Before the good doctor went looking for this opiate receptor she was in an accident that led to her being in a hospital bed and receiving shots of morphine to alleviate the tremendous back pain from the accident. She marveled at the euphoric and pain relieving sensations of the drugs administered.  Also enjoyed was the opiate’s effect of leaving her ‘feeling deeply nourished and satisfied’.  Ergo her fascination with the opiate receptor.

Essentially what she was about to start working with was the molecules of emotion…emotions are real.

So then she was curious: If the opiate receptors were there the whole time, you would have to think that the body has to in some way be able to ‘activate’ those receptors by itself.  Why else would the receptors be there? Three years later she answers he questions with the discovery of the endorphins-the naturally occurring opiate substance with in the body.

I could go on with her whole 11 page article here but suffice to say she had created the foundation for a whole new branch of science called  Psychoneuroimmunology or PNI for short. I wanted to jump to what is coming next…

This was taken straight from the article mentioned above.

Dr. Pert’s research provides scientific evidence that a biochemical basis for awareness and consciousness exists, that the mind and body are indeed one and that our emotions and feelings are the bridge that links the two. She explains, “The chemicals that are running our body and our brain are the same chemicals that are involved in emotion. And that says to me that we’d better pay more attention to emotions with respect to health.”

So, if you haven’t figured it out already, being depressed or angry or anything but happy means your body does not enough of all of your body’s receptors filled up with ‘good ligands’, which means a virus or illness is more susceptible to making your whole body sick.  How? More receptors open for viruses to get through to your cells, sickening them.

I know this is super basic, but not being a neuroscientist OR a pharmacologist leaves me at a bit of a disadvantage. Plus I obviously want to keep this as elementary as possible.

So as her paper suggests, our whole body is our subconscious.  Although science and medicine have been convinced that the mind/brain does all the thinking, Pert disagrees and suggests that “thoughts and emotions bubble up from the body to the brain to be processed and possibly verbalized according to your expectations, beliefs and other filters. ”

She also says that she doesn’t consider any emotions to be unhealthy. Indeed, you need all emotions but have to be expressed in  the correct environments if undesirable. Not having all emotions expressed means certain peptides are not flowing freely which means a dis-integrity to your whole bodily system and causing it to act in cross-purposes rather than synergistically as a whole.

Last but not least, Dr. Pert also acknowledged a spiritual view intertwined in all this. She says this in one of her books…

Yes, we all have a biochemical psychosomatic network run by intelligence, an intelligence that has no bounds and that is not owned by any individual but shared among all of us in a bigger network, the macrocosm to our microcosm,…

I have provided links above and you can certainly explore the late Dr.  Pert’s research and books. I just wanted (again) to provide you with more wisdom I have learned that was quite profound and intriguing to me.  I hope you gained some knowledge from this and please share to enlighten the all of us humans as this type of knowledge can benefit you greatly.