As I am on the road once again, I have wore myself out between the driving and the different youtube audios I listened to on the way. My brain is tired. But I still strive to be smarter.

You can read that post from my last road trip here.

I don’t have any other profound and educational post I can type to you about as I have been driving all day.  I apologize profusely.

But I did manage to get this together for you to keep you all busy. It has been 4 days since my last post and although not quite inspired, us writers have to write!!

First of all, if you want to go old school, you can just pick up the local newspaper or go online and find a crossword puzzle or sudoku. I personally have gotten back into sudoku again and I am liking it already.

Or what about a game of chess or checkers? Build your brain with a friend or relative!!

As far as computer games, I strongly recommend Lumosity. They are the leaders, I believe, in that realm but it is not free. There are a bunch of free alternatives, though. Why CNN has a brain game page, even!! But there are many others. Just google it!!

As far as smartphones apps, here is a site that has the 17 Best for Android Brain games.

I didn’t see one for just iPhone, but most of them will have an app for both anyways. Plus, I am an android guy.

Now first of all, the best thing to do that can help you strengthen you brain is PHYSICAL EXERCISE. Jus’ sayin’. Any physical exercise that provides 150 minutes of cardio is recommended, says the experts at the Mayo Clinic. That right there will boost your brains’ abilities.

But brain games are good for your IQ, boosting your memory and cognitive skills as well as strengthening.

Honestly, anything different that you can do change your routine to challenge you to do new things and see new places is going to help your brain grow.

Which is why I travel, doing what I do.

Which is why I am tired right now.

I am thinking you got the message.

Do you have a fave brain game? Online or computer or just in the USA today? Send me some comments and share this to make sure we urge our fellow humans to get smarter. Can we do that?

Till next time, folks.