07So I have had a few of these. It’s been a long time. Let me help you by telling you what I have done to prevent them. And I do truly hope this helps because I was not at all liking what I experienced when they occurred…

  • First of all, stay away from negativity. In the news/TV/mainstream media especially. I am not a conspiracy theorist(at least I don’t think I am), but I feel what is ‘fed’ to us on TV purposely depresses us to become mindless sheeple.
  • Engage in mindful practice as often as possible. Just be in the moment. As little as 10 minutes with no time travel (worrying about the future or dredging up bad past events) can leaving you feeling refreshed. You can even use a binaural track or guided meditations to help.
  • Engage in regular and random acts of kindness. This I think is self explanatory what it is. Just try it. Go out of your way to do something nice for a stranger. Off course for your spouse or relative is fine, too. But I do not find it as quite as rewarding.
  • Focus on gratitude. What are you grateful for. Of the billions and billions of people on this planet, just the fact that you are sitting here reading this means you have have life better than a majority of them. Be supremely grateful for everything you see around you and make it a habit. Gratitude is one thing that makes you feel awesome and it does not cost you one red cent.
  • Bless people. I think this is even better than gratitude!! If you are feeling less than awesome, this will change that. Go to a park or a mall where there are people and silently bless them. I am saying look at a person and say to yourself “I bless you with happiness, success and prosperity” Switch it up from person to person. If you see a person with a cold, bless them with good health. You get the idea.

woman-591576_640All these things will make you feel like a better human being and give you a better sense of well being. Don’t knock any of these things till you try them.

Another little tip: Ever wonder where this negative crap comes from inside of your head? Your right frontal lobe. Yep that’s right. Scientists have nailed it down. You know what I do? When I feel mental unrest come on, I literally say to myself “Oh that’s just my right frontal lobe acting out again” and things in my head quiet down.

As soon as you recognize that things are getting ugly up there in your noodle, just be aware, observe the thought and move on. Don’t get caught up in it. You know why? Because you are not your thoughts!!!

I saw this yesterday on FB and could not help laughing with him…


I hope this helps. And as always, I am open to discussion…