Let me introduce you to someone. His name is Bob Proctor. He is widely known as one of the best speakers and teachers on subject of getting rich.  He has spent more than 40 years,  instructing people on how to create lush lives helping with their happiness, health and wealth using as his #1 tool the book by Napoleon Hill called “Think and Grow Rich”. (FREE DOWNLOAD!!)

He himself came from a very humble background as a high school dropout and has created an empire around himself. He now is co-owner of Proctor-Gallagher Institute and still speaking and putting sought after programs and seminars to this day. He also wrote his own free e-book “You Were Born Rich” which you can get here.

I would like to let you know that both of these books were always available for free on my “Optimizing Books” page which you can see in my menu at the top of the page.

If you saw “The Secret” which is about the Law of Attraction, you will have seen Mr Proctor there. He is a very distinguished well-dressed white haired man who fills the room when he enters one. He travels the planet helping people realize the power of their own mind.

You can find countless videos of him on Youtube including the one below. Hours and hours of seminars now on Youtube for FREE!!

I have been following him for a good time now. I guess maybe since I watched “The Secret”. His straight to the point yet very easy to understand speaking(as he has been doing this for a long time) makes him dynamic and thoroughly interesting.

I strongly urge you to look into his site and or videos for some very enlightening lessons. And if you are interested, click the iceberg picture to the right of this post to be led to one of his awesome programs.

Or click here, if you can’t see the iceberg.

I am positive that you will enjoy and learn from Bob Proctor. If you have any comments about him or his wisdomto share with others or myself, please do below. And also please share this with others.