I just went through all my posts since August and was amazed that I have not covered how to enhance brain power. Or should I say ‘optimize’. Doing things on the list I am about to provide you will  increase brain memory power, among other things.

Ever heard of neuroplasticity? That is your brain changing. Whether for the good or the bad, it’s up to you. But just reading this will make for good. Actual implementation will improve brain power even more!!

I know you are raring to see how you can double your brain power or more, so let’s get started.

  • Do new things– I am all about new experiences. New places to go and work. Just loooking around and finding novel things. Your brain thrives on that type of stuff.
  • Curiousity-I would say asking questions and trying to look at things in new ways is some thing I am always trying to do. Be different.
  • Think positive– overthinking worrying and stressing out about anything is literally killing your brain. Stress and anxiety causes your brain to damage brain neurons and hamper the creation of new neurons. On the other hand, optimism will speed up making new neurons. I mean, really who wants old neurons?
  • Read, challenge and regular memory training-Reading will force the brain into a visualization mode which is an important factor in brain development. Of course, challenging your brain with brain games such as sudoku or crossword puzzles or things of that nature. Lumosity is a good place to start but there are free sites. CNN actually has free brain games on thier site. Also just training your brain to remember stuff like credit card numbers, passport numbers, drivers license numbers is a big help for your noggin.
  • Music– Listening to music, especially classical stuff, actually anhances your brain power. Cognition and problem solving are two things that are optimized by enjoying music.
  • Be healthy– you would think this would be obvious, but taking care of yourself by getting enough rest and sleep, eating healthy and regular exercise(aerobic being the best) and not smoking should be ‘no-brainers’.
  • Relaxation-Meditation is a big one but even just taking naps is help to relax your brain. These two go a long way to boost brain power.
  • Socially active via internet– Making new friends and interacting with people especially from other countries is big to expand your world therefore your brain. Learning a new language is good to maximize brain power.
  • Brain supplements– There are many nootropics out there and I could not tell you what the best ones are or is because since everyone’s brain chemistry is different, it is hard to judge. I recommend the basics like a good fish oil and vitamin D to start. I have tried one or two specific ones I won’t mention but they get costly so I just concentrate on said two I just mentioned(D and fish oil) and Maca Root. Love the maca root. God knows what is in some of those other nootropics and Maca is natural and has a lot of other great benefits also.

So I hope you can gain some value from this list or, even better, already doing some of the list. Whether you are young or old you can gain something from this list.

If anyone can think of anything I forgot or would like to add, I would love to hear them. And please comment and share this so I can help more of our fellow humans.