I have two dogs. One husky and one husky wolf mix. They are a big part of my world. I am theirs. Pets are awesome in more ways than one.

There are millions of humans out there who feel the same way I do about pets.  For good reason.

The health benefits of having pets-dogs, cats, whatever-is numerous.

I thought I would tell you about said benefits.

kids immune systems stronger

  • Stronger Immune Systems

    Now you may think this is backwards, but if you have a pet in your home with a small child, there have been multiple studies that suggest that said child will be healthier with a pet around.

    For the rest of their lives.

    This child will be exposed to a lot more allergens so he or she will be able to develop more immunity to related allergens which means the child will be healthier overall. Up to 33% healthier, studies say!!

  • Heart health

    Now we know that animals are good for displaying and relaying unconditional love. This has proven to help humans with great benefits for their heart.

    Decreased blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels which means which means less risk for heart attacks. These findings were discovered by both the NIH( National Institute of Health) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

  • exercise with your dog
  • Exercise

    Now this of course only applies mostly to dog owners (unless you leash walk your cat..or fish…or hamster), but dog owners are more likely to be less obese statistically for the plain reason of walking your dog.

    less stress with dogs

  • Lower Stress Levels

    For whatever reason, the presence of a dog, especially increases the amount of dopamine and and serotonin in your your system. These are both neurochemicals associated with your steady calmness and well-being. Animals release and lower tension in your life.

    companionship from cats

  • Meaning, Purpose and Companionship

    In our older years when we are retired, we may crave some order to our days. A pet can help that happen. Walks, being fed and such means we would have a purpose to serve. Animals also serve as companions.

    This means animals will stave off depression and loneliness. Certainly things humans need help with from time to time.

  • Social Life Improvement

    Did you know that dogs are great icebreakers for meeting new humans possibly even the opposite sex? There are social groups out there who function just for that purpose!

    Humans who love their pets are more apt to open up and talk about their pets to other people. Humans are getting outside and meeting other dog owners, as well.

As you can see, the benefits of having a pet are overwhelmingly beneficial.  Especially a canine. Not just for mental health but physically as well.

Do you have some pets who light up your world? Please share!!

Do you need some more light in your world? Please adopt a pet.