Looking for another great article I ran across one from learning mind today. I just had to share…in my own words , of course…Happiness!!

These are some exercises you can do every day, or as much as you can. They are scientifically proven to drive up your happiness.

I personally start off my day with getting up and walking my dogs for about an hour. That is always a good start for me. Gives me Vitamin D and gets my blood pumping for the day ahead.

In that walk time I am either experiencing as much gratitude as I can or just being.  Looking at the trees and the sky and enjoying the incredible amounts of abundance around me which proves that abundance is in my life.

abundance of tulips

Then I am enjoying a cup or two of Bulletproof coffee to get the old noodle in a good place to do my meditation. Usually about 90 minutes, time allowing. In that time, I use Holosync to get my brain to get to its best possible state.

Absolutely euphoric!!

What other way are we supposed to be in life but as ecstatically euphoric as possible?!?

So, moving right along, here are some methods, used by psychologists, to help get people in a more jovial frame of mind:

  • Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude-Writing makes you smarter, and writing a letter of gratitude to someone you have never really thanked before will help you face your thankfulness as you then confront your feelings to someone who care about you. So you are smarter AND learning to be more thankful in your life. Make sure you tell them what they mean to you and why you are grateful they are in your life.grateful pictogram
  • A kindness journal will help your brain recognize the kindness in life as you journal it. Not just your kindness, but anyone’s. It’s about training your brain. This will encourage hope and optimism in your own life and you will see yourself practicing more random acts of kindness to add to your journal. Try it!!
  • Three Things therapy is about committing yourself to write down three uplifting good things every day that happen in your life. Get into it. Get yourself in the habit studying good things and write them down to reflect on after. It will help you recognize that life is a grand thing that should be enjoyed. It could be seeing a pay-it-forward action or watching someone give up their bus seat to let an elderly person use it. Good times…reflecting woman
  • A balloon boost is where you put things on paper that you don’t like about yourself. Yes, that sounds crazy, but this will make yourself be aware of your inner critic. It will foster your forgiveness and self compassion when you realize how hard you are on yourself and also help you to set goals for polishing whatever thing that is that upsets you about yourself.
  • Best Possible Self– this is an exercise where you envision yourself in your future already where you want to be as far as your goals, whether it be family, financial, health wise or anything. Doing this on an ongoing basis and verbalizing it will help you to take another step towards those goals. Just feel what you want to be already and it will come as long as you take action towards those goals.best possible self ideas

So this list, when practiced, will help you become a happier person because you are musing on  the good things in life. Plus, you can see you are writing and reflecting and becoming a better person.

Starting on the inside-where it counts.

Let me know how you feel about these ideas and any other ideas that you may use to help you. Like I said, these are proven methods. I didn’t just make these up.

Please share this post and get the word around so that we can all make the people around us happier.