So in my last post (just yesterday!!), I typed about what the Universe does as a whole with chaos, entropy and dissipative structures. I think I covered a lot of background about where we come and how we got here: change.

So in this change, this ever-fluctuating environment around us we do flourish. But, with the rising degree of order and complexity we become, we must also dissipate more entropy to thrive effectively.

Entropy is, again, the amount to randomness and/or chaos in our system.

Here is where things get interesting.  As a dissipative structure- meaning open and operating far from normal thermodynamic equilibrium (following the laws of thermodynamics)- we still have an upper threshold.

A limited what?

Our threshold is limited in that we can only disperse so much back into the environment at one time. Only so much of a flow of entropy can move back out to-and out of-us. So if we have too much input from the environment and cannot disperse out enough to compensate due to our upper threshold, we begin to break down. It may get to a point where a bit too much input at one time comes to us, we break down.


We reorder ourselves in a new way-to a higher level-extempore. An abrupt and radical reboot with the main ‘talent’ of the new system being that it can now manipulate the input it could not previously. In Prigogine’s words “escape into a higher order.”

Remember Prigogine? Our chemist from yesterday’s illuminating post?

This process could happen repeatedly. That is learning through experience. That is why humans can be put into situations that are so traumatic that said humans come out the other side with truly changed lives.  They rebooted and experience EVERYTHING from a whole new higher level.

Your brain does this every waking moment of every day. Not incessantly rebooting(that would be annoying) but continually and possibly persistently dealing with energy and matter to contend with. The more new we deal with means the more we can take in. Growing and dissipating more and more.

Peak experience

There are certain types of people (such as yours truly) who constantly and consistently subject themselves to new things. New experiences. Some may just read different books. Some may do death defying things. All are working on getting to what Abraham Maslow calls ‘peak experience’. As you can see, this also means that you are being. As in a human being.

On the other hand, there are humans who resist change, resist new ideas and never doubt their views who are essentially combatting new energy, stimuli and matter into their new brains will very slowly if ever get to peak experience or ever evolve.


Our brain usually is in a beta wave state. Low amplitude and low fluctuation. That is a normal and non meditative consciousness. Essentially very little difference in the waves’ highest and lowest point.  When we meditate, depending on how ‘deep’ we go, we can get than alpha, theta or even delta state (when using Holosync technologies) which means the fluctuations in our brain waves are much broader with higher amplitude.

Fluctuation means chaos!!  Chaos is good for the brain!! Since we don’t want to create chaos in our lives for us to essentially make our brains reboot (I don’t think your friends and family would want that), the next best thing is meditation. Getting your brain to go into alpha and theta states to create chaos in your brain and therefore adapting to(and growing) your consciousness and world is a very smart thing to do!! But to get into a delta state brainwave? That would be genius!!!

Holosync for Delta waves!!

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I am hoping you enjoyed this next installment of training of how we are all here today. As always please comment and share and most of all, try Holosync for yourself. I have used and would not be telling you about it if I did not think Holosync could help optimize you.