If there is one thing we all have to face, that’s fear.

It may be a little, it may be a lot.

But no matter are chances are very good you are facing it. Each and every moment of every day.

It drives most of our decisions because it is our main driver while living.

At one time in humans’ existence, before present day, fear was very relevant. It kept us from being eaten by wild animals, for instance.

I suppose we do have to worry about that to some extent, but humans have put many safeguards in place to prevent that now.

Unless you live somewhere or go somewhere that warrants fear. You could just be an adrenaline junkie and live for fear to get those chemicals running through your body.

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So what if you don’t want fear?

I suppose noone really should want fear…right?

Fear can certainly leave you wanting much more, but you can’t seem to get out from the fear bubble that envelopes you.

Well, let’s first talk about where fear actually comes from.

I can tell you that anxiety is a close cousin to fear.  So this post can also help with anxiety.

So let’s move on.

If you remember back this far, you can relive a time that you had no fear in your life.  You didn’t comprehend gravity yet, for instance. You would jump from-or try to jump from- some crazy places with no regard for life or limb.

At that point, hopefully there was an adult nearby who knew what gravity and that sudden stop at the end of the gravity realm could do to you and save you from it.

I lovingly call that sudden stop from gravity ‘deceleration trauma’.


Unfortunately, those same adults may put other unnecessary fears into your psyche. But that is another article entirely. I have talked about that subject in length here before.

Back to fear.

Physiologically, fear originates from the amygdala, which is part of your brain. Fear is just a bunch of chemicals and chemical reactions that overwhelms your mind.

It has had this same function since the dawn of time, but now it doesn’t have so much to do, so it just creates fear.

That fear creation is originates from events or things that you already know or believe.

It could be a fear of public speaking because somewhere in your life prior you had a bad episode of people laughing at you or you were some center of attention derogatorily.

It could be a fear of dogs because you saw someone or something you know and/or love get bitten by a dog, so now all dogs are bad and dangerous.

No matter what, fears like this are fabricated and totally unreal.

And can be overcome.

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So how do you overcome fear?

It’s easy, really. But it is so easy, it could be difficult.

The first step is just realizing that it is fabricated and can be overcome. Just the awareness of this fact, can relieve fear a bit.

I don’t know about you, but when I see I am making forward progress on something, that job gets a lot easier. That awareness is forward progress.

If you have lived with this fear for a long time, it could be a bit harder to overcome. But rest assured, it can be done.

So now you have awareness under your proverbial belt, you have to start to change your view on things. You have to prove to your mind that whatever is nothing to fear.

You have to question the fear at the core.

Also, the breath is a very powerful tool. Can you just breathe deeply and let all the tension go? I would give a resounding “YES” to that question!


So what’s next? Think about the breathe and nothing else. Breathe deeply and hold it for a few seconds and then let it all out. Send the tension you feel out with the breath.

Can you now let the anxiety melt away? Can you just be in the now and let yourself be free?

The fear and possible anxiety are feelings. Feelings are much harder to control than your thoughts, so getting rid of the  anxious or fearful thoughts is the way to start.

Think about your fear. Examine it. Why are you fearful of this? Looking this fear right square in the face can make the fear cowering off forever.

Concentrate on these thoughts and write down whatever comes to mind when exploring. I repeat:write them down. Journaling is an awesome way to get these thoughts out of you. For good.

Going back and reading the triggered thoughts makes you think about how ridiculous the fear or anxiety is.

Unfortunately, triggered thoughts are very frequently believed without question. This is why awareness of all your feelings is so important.

I will tell you another thing: Resistance is not the way to go. In the words of the great Bob Proctor and many others, “What you resist, persists.”

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One last thing about you…

You are not these thoughts. You are not your mind where these fearful thoughts originate. This is very powerful.

You are not your arm, are you? No it is YOUR arm.  Same with your leg or your hip or foot…

…or your mind.

Let me say that in a different way. You have arms, you have legs, you have a mind.

You are the one who hears your mind. You are the one who hears your thoughts. You are the one who can hear yourself thinking.

Notice you often refer to your mind as ‘my mind’. You posses the mind. So it is not you!!

So what does that make you?

Well, that is many other posts in this blog here, but I hope that you can understand the differentiation I am trying to make here.

You do not have to take all of your thoughts in your mind as gospel, as it has been said.

These thoughts were originally planted in your mind by people to protect you. Your mind took a bit of creative liberty and then sometimes these thoughts can take a horrible turn in your life and leave you limited.

I should also note that as Steve Jobs once said these well meaning people are ‘not any smarter that you are.’

It’s not your fault. You did not know any better.

Until now.

Or when you started reading this blog anyways.

This is not the obviously not the endall-beall solution. I am trying to help like many others out there. Do a search.  Research. Be aware.

Well, I hope that there was some enlightening going on here for at least a human or two to make this post worthwhile. Tell me if I did, please.  And please share this if it would be valuable to someone else in your life.

Myself and whoever you send it to thanks you…