I am always looking for new hacks. But the problem is that I forget to practice all the previous ones I am using.  Not all of them, mind you, but it is still good for a refresh course on ways to be happier, more satisfied and be a human who knows the best ways to optimize.

So I figured I would do a search and see if there are any ‘new’ ways to optimize and put a list together of my favorite ways to be a hacking human and be the best human I can be.

I am not going to go into a whole lot of detail in the list, because this list is not about convincing you to do anything. The optimizing list is just to renew in your brain habits and lifestyle traits that you can do to be in an elated-as-possible mood throughout your days in this lifetime.

I have got a dozen on my list things to help you optimize…it will be over in no time.

So here goes…

  1.  Exercise-It is no secret that exercise will help you in numerous ways. Getting your heart rate up and getting those endorphins flowing through your body is a. This article from the Mayo clinic can further detail the benefits of constant and continuous exercise.
  2. Sleep-Having the right amount of sleep in your daily regimen is paramount. I am reading 8 hours a day is best but I personally do very well on 6-7 hours, so I think that getting enough sleep is a personal thing. Just reflect when you wake up on how you feel and judge on your own how much sleep you need.sleep is good
  3. Growing/Learning-I find it very satisfying to be learning something new or at least experiencing new every day. Take notice of new in your life and see what you can get from said new thing.
  4. Goals-Do you have anything that you want to achieve long term? Experts say that this is a help to optimize yourself. Humans are goal oriented so don’t cheat yourself out of something so easy to perform. figure out what you want out of life and write it down.
  5. Family and friends-Yes, there are some out there who enjoy solitude-me included. But that doesn’t mean all your life. Get out there and find fellow humans who have similar interests and accomplish them together. Hanging with the fam is also a good idea from time to time.friends
  6. Nature-When you exercise, you don’t have to do that in a gym. Find a park and take a walk. Or run. Or bike. Just breathe in the fresh air when you can and marvel at the trees and flowers. It does a body good.
  7. Laugh-Laughter is truly the best medicine. Watch movies, listen to comedians and such. It releases tension and lowers anxiety to mention just a few of the numerous benefits laughter can serve.
  8. Write your life story-I know this sounds like a weird one, but this is a new one I have picked up and plan to implement soon, when not helping others. Write about what you have done and the good points in your life.
  9. Gratitude-When you do work on your story, reflect on who and what has helped you in your life and give thanks. Give thanks every day for anything and everything. This makes your brain focus on the good in your life. Learning lessons that you can be thankful for from the bad times is good, too.gratitude
  10. Meditation-There are so many programs and books and types of meditation you can enjoy!! It takes practice, but realizing that you are not your thoughts and just watch them instead of ‘thinking all the time’ is AWESOME!!
  11. Yoga-Right on the heels of meditation is yoga. Stretching to release body tension goes a long way to help you be a happier person.
  12. Savor-Last but certainly not least is the art of savoring. Yes, I said art. Savoring is by perceiving by any of your senses, especially by taste or smell, can be very therapeutic. To forget all around you and just enjoy without any other thinking is incredible. I personally take many moments out of my day to savor. Whether it is enjoying time with my granddaughter, enjoying that nice shower or that favorite piece of pizza is great and I strongly recommend it. Gratitude should also be include in savoring. It is all about appreciation for the little things.savor


I hope this list is at least a reminder for some.  But if not, I hope it will be heeded for your own health and happiness.

Let me know if you have any questions as I would be glad to help. Comment below.