The benefits of meditation, how do I count the ways? There are too many to count actually. But I can list a bunch of them. These are also all science based.

Starting now:

  • Increases happiness and health. Positive emotions, life satisfaction, immune function all increased with a consistent meditation practice. Pain and inflammation decreases. Did you know that inflammation has been shown to cause cancer? How is that for awesome?
  • Boosts your social life by increasing social connection and reducing loneliness.
  • Gives you an awesome heart because you have improved empathy & compassion, generating more helpfulness and increases your resilience .
  • Gives you an uber brain! You will have increased attention and memory. You will have increased brain matter for thought, positive emotions, emotion regulation and self control.
  • Increases wisdom and perspective. Meditation can help take a step back from your challenges and give you a keener insight to help you solve what ails you.
  • It is a blues beater!! Meditation decreases anxiety, stress and depression!! Did you know that stress increases your risk of cancer enormously?
  • It is the in thing to do!! The number of people with a steady meditation practice increases every day with 8% (18M steady meditators!) in 2012. This includes Oprah, NFL players and US Marines…you think there may be something to this?

So let me ask you this: Of the 1440 minutes in a day, you should be spending 480 minutes of those sleeping(that’s 8 hours). That leaves 960 minutes of your life every day. How much of that is spent watching TV, on Facebook or playing Candy Crush? That is how many minutes you can devote to improving your life with meditation.

Even just going outside and taking a walk in the sunshine not doing anything but looking and listening to the world around you is a form of mindfulness and meditation.

You are your Number One. Be you own hero and take care of yourself. The sooner you start, the better off you will be enjoying your euphoric life you had only dreamed about. Now you know how to get there.