c29inj2-998I hate to get all woo-woo on you, but it is 100% within your power for your life to get easier. Because it is all about how you look at things. It’s all about how you handle things. It’s all about what you do with things.

Do you want to get a better life? Then imagine what that life would be like. Imagine how you want your life to be. This action right here will bring you out of what miserable funk you think you cannot get out of because you will not be focusing on it anymore and life will start getting better. All that crap that you think is inundating you can only get in if you let it in.

We all live our own lives

Everyone’s life is their life. You can consider yourself¬†to be in the exact center of it because you are. If you are all doom and gloom, then that is exactly what your life will be. If you are cheerful and loving and happy, then that is what you will get in return.

ckarmic-relationship-600x450This is what the Law of Attraction is. It’s not just about attracting money into your life, it is about attracting what you want into your life. It could be a soulmate, it could be health. It’s up to you. It’s inside of you already, you just have to find it within yourself and bring it out. But noone can find it inside of you but you.

We were put here to thrive!

Every one of us was not put onto this planet to suffer. We were put on this planet to thrive. Why would any God want to do anything different? If you think that your God put you here to suffer, then maybe you should find another.

That is my tough love talking. I am a spiritual human, but not religious. I believe that there is a God, a Source. I believe that we were all made in his/her/its own image. So would that not make us gods ourselves? Gods in that we have the power to control what happens to us in our lives. He/she/It gave us that power. Because I do not care how omnipotent or omniscient or ubiquitous he/she/it may be, they have better things to do than control every one of us. And that is just on this planet!

When does life get easier?

Now I will say that this is not going to be instant gratification thing. It takes work and time and persistence and diligence to make things better.¬†How long? Well, the depends on how ‘bad’ you think your life is now, don’t you think?

I invite anyone to confer or rebut my stance. I have an open mind. Would love the feedback.