I am subscribed to a few different email groups where I get food for thought on improving my life and helping you all to improve yours. It works well along with the books I read because the emails are a bit more concise and to the point. Enjoy this message as well.

So yesterday I get one that says “The One and Only Thing That’s Truly Missing From Your Life”.

Well, hell I was curious. I clicked on it and read it.

To the depth and time I have spent in self growth and improvement, I have read and learned a lot, but I still keep my eyes and mind open for new. I wanted to see what it was.

And if I already knew about it.

I will admit, I did already know about what they were referring to…kinda.

But there was only line in the email that got to me. I had to read it a dozen times for it to ‘sink in’. I just wasn’t getting it for some reason. But then I did.

The line was “There is nothing permanent within you that exists independent of changing circumstances.”

It went on to say “And because that is the case, it is literally impossible for you to find any kind of lasting security or enjoyment in life.”

Live optimize your lifeI gotta say, the idea that was being conveyed was being given in a fresh stance I appreciated.  I had to read more.

So take this example-which I am grabbing straight from the email because frankly, I can’t think of a better one and I will be giving the email author full credit at the end…

Shattered Expectations

‘Have you ever had special plans for the evening and looked forward to them the entire day? You were so excited about what was to come that you felt cheerful the whole time. Nothing could bring you down.

Then you got the phone call. And you found out the plans had been cancelled.

How did you feel then? Utterly disappointed. The sudden change in circumstances shattered every last one of those wonderful experiences you were imagining.

In an instant your lighthearted cheerfulness turned into a dark gloominess. And depending on the circumstances, a simple ‘hello’ from a family member or coworker might have triggered a hostile reply.

But then came a second phone call. And whatever had gone wrong had now been resolved. The plans were back on!

And just like that, the light-hearted cheerfulness returned, and you were smiling once again

rollercoaster optimize your life

Now, who among us hasn’t ridden this exact same emotional roller coaster 1,000’s of times before? The truth is, we spend 99% of our days caught in this exact same cycle… oftentimes without even knowing it. It seems normal to us.

But it turns out this cycle is one of the greatest destroyers of human happiness there is.’

Here is why, fellow humans…

Ask Yourself This

‘Where in this stream of changing circumstances was there something permanent within you that existed independent of each unexpected change?’

Alright back to me now.  The answer for most of us is there is nothing permanent at all.

One minute life was grand and you had a whole lot to look forward to and then you didn’t. And then you did again!! All life was awesome again.

But why?

‘There was no permanent sense of “I” that KNEW it was being instantly transformed from “happy” to “sad” and back to “happy” again with each change in circumstance. There was no “I” in you that was aware of your own existence.’

I optimize your life

(I am struggling right now not just copying their whole email into this post because the way it is written really had an influence on me and I feel that it would to you , too…)

‘What this means is that in these moments you literally ceased to exist. You literally fell out of existence and became a moment-to-moment effect of the circumstances.’

It did not matter if you were ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ in this. Either one of the conditions means you were living in a “self” that is guaranteed to perish.

Not getting it? Try this…

  • Are you sad? Or do you ‘feel’ sad?
  • Are you happy? Or do you ‘feel’ happy?

See the difference? To say that ‘you are happy’ instead of ‘I feel happy’ means that you are identifying your whole existence to that emotion and thought.

meditation optimize your life

But you are not that that feeling or thought. That is not you. You are separate from that and ‘feeling’ it.

Harsh Reality

Most humans go through life like this. With no permanence inside of them. No “I”.  Therefore missing out of their own existence.

Can you see how powerful that is?

‘This is the main cause behind all forms of stress, anger, worry, fear, heartache, depression, guilt, regret, resentment, impatience… and, more importantly, behind that overwhelming feeling you have that something is missing from your life.’

gothic optimize your lifeWe are all looking for something permanent in our lives and it is inside all of us RIGHT NOW.

Think about it…all we endure OR enjoy is temporary.

  • Our family and friends
  • the unconditional love of our pets
  • Grand recognition for anything through life-promotions, scholarships, awards
  • the spotlight
  • the once in a lifetime vacation
  • on and on

None of it is permanent…

Truthfully, the only thing that is consistent in all those things in the list above is you.

That should be a clue….

spirit swing

Time To Share…

So the email I have been referring to was written by a gentleman named Tim Weichman, Director, Life of Learning Foundation.

Like I mentioned before, I quoted  many lines he had in the email sent to me as I feel he wrote it so well. I want to give him full credit for that.

Mr. Weichman works with Guy Finley who is an Amazon #1 best-selling author(I counted 30) who has changed countless lives as a self-help writer, philosopher, and spiritual teacher.

Mr Weichmann, as well as myself is promoting a one hour mp3(or CD or DVD) called Concentrated Wisdom: How to Shortcut 30 Years of Spiritual Study that Mr Finley recorded.

It is less then $6 for the downloadable mp3, plus you may donate donate to help others, if you would like.

You know I did. And after I listened to the track, I mused that I should have donated more.

Here is the link.

I will be honest, I was moved by this audio program.

plate optimize-your-life.net

I am now an affiliate of the Life of Learning Foundation, and glad I am as I found the track as well as Guy Finley’s book I read to be very powerful.  I read his book The Secret to your Immortal Self .  Loved it.

I want to tell you. The information he states will affect you. What is happening to me is a gradual realization. It really is amazing what I am going through today(I listened last night) but it is a pretty not-sure-how-to-explain type of thing.

I will say one thing: I am glad it is gradual because the ‘experience’ is awesome. Not overwhelming, just steady.

So there you go, more free AND very low cost wisdom from reputable sources. Me and Guy!!

I am not gaining anything from this except that that I know that I am sharing an AWESOME resource for your spiritual growth.

I hope you can see to sharing this message  with as many fellow humans as you can.  You can even comment if you would like. Are you a Guy Finley fan? Can you comment on how he has helped you or a book he wrote that you could recommend? Add it here!! I would love to put it on my reading list.