Well, I know you are all pretty darn smart already just because you are on my site, but I digress…

I have here a list of things you can do to make you smarter.

  1. MEDITATION!! How did you know I was gonna say that? Well, scientifically speaking, meditation helps grow parts of the brain associated with learning and memory. So it is kind of a no brainer…
  2. READ!! Another pretty obvious one, I suppose.  Reading has positive effects on knowledge acquisition, vocabulary and abstract reasoning skills, so now you know why. But it also helps to not just speed read everything. Retention is important. Stop and reflect while reading. Take notes. And don’t just read to read. Read selectively.
  3. PLAY SOME MUSIC!! No actually I mean play, not just push play. Learn to play guitar or pick up that trombone from Band or the violin from orchestra and treat yourself to your own beautiful music. There was a study that said there was a measurable difference in general cognitive ability from learning to play a musical instrument vs. a human who had not.
  4. EXERCISE!! Just keeping fit is going to help you improve your performance when it comes memory and learning. So if we can only meditate while we are being active..oh wait!! I do that!! Walking meditation. Covering some concrete while walking outside and being in the moment?? Oh, it is just a euphoric experience for me!!
  5. FASTING!! Yeah, this was a new concept for me, but if it works I am there. Seriously moderating your meals every other day seems to have a positive brain function effect. It actually promotes brain cell growth and helps against neuro-degenerative diseases seeping in. Asea does the same thing actually, but that is another post altogether.
  6. PILLS!! Or I guess I should really say dietary supplements. Creatine improves brain functioning. Gingko Biloba is good for your ability to focus. Omega 3 Fatty acids are good for improving your memory. Caffeine and L-Theanine will help to improve your cognitive functioning on different tasks.
  7. FLUID INTELLIGENCE INCREASING PRINCIPLES!! Here are 5 ways to actively increase your intelligence: 1) Always seek novelty, 2)continuously challenge yourself, 3)try to do things the hard way instead of taking shortcuts, 4) try to think creatively, and finally 5) hone your networking skills with idea generating friends.

So I hope you can gain some insight and new skills to help you get yourself smarter from reading and implementing these tips. As always, if you think of any more tips or have a comment on what has worked for you, please do leave me a note. And also, share, Share, SHARE!!