The man’s name is Andy Shaw. He wrote a book about a different outlook at how our mind works and how to fix it. Fix it to become a bug free mind.

You might have guessed, actually, just from the title what his ideas are.  But just in case you don’t, I will give a you bit to fill you in.

He fancies the mind like a computer.  You go on using your computer and after a few years or maybe even months after you brought it home things just start to build up and muck up your ‘hard drive’. With your computer, if it hasn’t froze up or give the blue screen of death, you can just restart it. Most times that works, right?

Well, just imagine if you could do that with your mind?

That is what Andy Shaw’s book is all about: how to free your mind of bugs-or viruses- that you have picked up over your years as a human on this planet.

You may be thinking ‘well, he just calls them bugs but it’s still the same thing you call them here: limiting beliefs’.

That is true, but Andy still looks at things differently than others. He thinks differently. His ideas resonated with me big time. I  also hold him in high regard when it comes to my self growth.

So I wanted to share with you his book and also offer the first five chapters of his book Creating A Bug Free Mind-for free. You don’t have to sign up for anything.  Andy has made it available for free and I am providing the link for you.

I am sure just taking the time to read these 5 chapters will give you an idea of what I am talking about when it comes to Andy.

So there you go: more free stuff.

Please comment on this offer or let me know how well you enjoyed his book/s. Also if you could share so more people can enjoy his work, I would also appreciate.

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