In the last post, I talked about stress and thresholds. I could call-YOU could call- that a micro interpretation of how we work. Now I hope to relay to you the MACRO version of the story. More history and outlook into what makes humans a human from the physical sense.

So to start, is change. The first oxymoron ever. Change is constant. If there wasn’t change, we would not be here. Nothing would be here. Because of course, if nothing changed, then there would not be life.

So since change is always here and needed, it should not just be accepted, but welcomed. Certainly not resisted.  It should be observed and perhaps even understood.

Sometimes that can be kinda hard to do, I know. In our little micro view of the Universe…

The Facts

There was a theoretical chemist named Ilya Prigogine who got profoundly curious about the contradiction between life and our existence and some of the basic laws of science.  It turned out that these contradictions, though not seeming to do with our every day, were the basis of important and erudite lessons that we treasure as a human who enjoys the path of spiritual, emotional and mental growth.

The second law of thermodynamics is that some energy is going to be lost whenever work is done. Any machine-even a human-is going to get worn down and need an overhaul of some type or another. You replace engine oil in a car or take Asea as a human to counter those effects.

Enter Entropy

The definition of entropy is the degree of disorder or randomness in a system. Also stated as lack of order or predictability or gradual decline into disorder. That is essentially what I just spoke of above. Everything is in a state of entropy within its change. Increasing disorder.

But wait. There are so many things that happen on this planet alone that are exactly opposite of the second law.  Plants and animals grow. Buildings get built. Or even more basic, atoms become molecules and so on and so forth. You could even say that things can FLOURISH or THRIVE.

Two of MY favorite words…

This would be called a dissipative anatomy.

Prigogine was working with dissipative anomalies which are essentially outside and open systems, much unlike the systems that are ruled by the traditional laws of thermodynamics, also considered closed systems.  These open systems interact with environment, evolving, growing and changing. They take in forms of energy like light and air and water(to name a few) and release carbon dioxide or oxygen, heat, other waste. Which means they are constantly adjusting, as well. In the release and adjusting to its environment, these open dissipative structures also disperse entropy.

Which means these dissipative structures are following the second law of thermodynamics.

I want you to know that this language has been broken down to its most easy terms to understand. Not just for you, but for me!!

So you have the closed systems that somewhat harmoniously works with the dissipative structures where essentially the dissipative become the flow itself.  This means that the Universe is not of independent things. The Universe is one process that is intimately flowing and evolving together as one. Constantly.

I will have more on this subject with the next post, but I want to close with this as I just realized how much I have been typing here: are you the open system or the closed one? Technically you are open and dissipative, but what do you contribute? Are you evolving and thriving?

Can you honestly say that you are a part of the evolving, growing, thriving, making-a-difference  open system?

Or are you happy with the you now, stuck-in-a-rut-and-can’t-possibly-get-out, closed system of a person you have grown accustomed to be?

You are not supposed to act closed. Your human body is to thrive in harmony with your spiritual self. That is the way the Universe works, as I have been explaining. If you are not ‘working’ that way and you are not changing.

And change is constant.

Once again, I hope anyone and everyone can learn and gain from what I type here. And I am fully open to comments to this discussion and sharing it if you feel worthy.