As I have been doing my reading in all things self growth, self improvement so on and so forth, I run in to these 7 anomalies of our body from time to time. Chakras.

We all have them and they are the energy hubs of your body.  As I read and heard of them, I learned of their power of our body and our personalities.

I am still trying to figure out how it fits with what I have heard/ learned/know of this existence…which is why I have not touched on them till now.

Still not really sure, but as I think they are being more prevalent in my existence, I decided to at least describe what I do know.

Moving on,I personally have had issues with my neck when I meditate from time to time.  A lot of tension and centralized pain for no apparent reason.  I remembered I read this article from Hvella several months ago:

chakras system OYL

I recollect I wasn’t too worried about the weight gain part but the fact that I have had hypothyroidism from birth enticed me to read on.

It never dawned on me before but the post said that the throat chakra is the thyroid gland.  In which mine is underactive.

I also have read that all the chakras have to be ‘balanced’ to work properly. Each of the 7 chakras have a certain place in the body and their own function.

While I am still learning of my own situation and chakra applications, I realized this is valuable information for all my readers, so I share on with all 7…

I might also mention that I have someone who has helped me with my journey. Her name is Frankey and she is awesome.  Here is her and her site.

Moving on, here are all 7 chakras with the information you need about them. From top to chakra OYL

  • CROWN CHAKRA-As you may have guessed, this one is at the crown of your head. It is associated with your higher sense of purpose, vision and consciousness. Its color is violet.
    Blocking this chakra(a bad thing) is caused by having an obsession with  a material thing.
    To stimulate this chakra, all it takes is mediation and/or prayer and/or singing with passion.
  • THIRD-EYE CHAKRA-INTEGRATION ENERGY-This chakra can be found between your brows and it represents your intuition. Its color is indigo and sometimes called Anja.
    If you have a busy life without any self reflection involved, chances are this chakra is blocked. You can practice a uncluttered life with a still life and taking walks outside. Also practice some type of creative activity.
  • THROAT CHAKRA-MEANING ENERGY-This chakra is blue and can be found in your throat.  this chakra is blue and called Visuddha. the fact that isa in your throat is because is is closely associated with your expression and communication.
    This chakra’s energies will be blocked by lack of focus and any disorganized thoughts. So to stimulate, don’t be afraid to say how you feel. Keep a journal of your thoughts to get your feelings out.
  • HEART CHAKRA-CONNECTION ENERGY- I always figured this chakra would be red, but it is not-it’s green. It is called Anahata and of course is associated with kindness and love and is experienced with the connection of love with others. It is in the center of your chest.
    This chakra is actually easiest to unblock by not being alone or isolated and spend more time with people in whatever way you can.
  • SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA-CONTROL ENERGY-It is in the stomach area,called Manipura and its color is yellow. It is mostly associated with our power of self control, self confidence and your sense of power itself.
    If you create an order of structure and plan things more often, you will be unblocking this chakra. More sunshine helps too.
  • NAVAL CHAKRA-ACTIVE ENERGY-also called Svadisthana energy and orange in color, this chakra is associated with your feelings and sexuality. Fittingly is it found in your lower abdomen. It is also strongly associated with your movement, achievement, and doing.
    If you have a lot of self doubt and procrastination in your life, you have a blocked navel chakra. If you can do yoga, practice doing things in steps and connect emotionally with others, you can move towards blocking it.
  • ROOT CHAKRA-EXISTENCE ENERGY- you can find this chakra in the tailbone and its color is red. It is also called Muladhara. Its main purpose is your security, self preservation and survival.
    You major barriers to this chakra is negative self talk and self doubt.
    So to unblock this chakra, you need to face your doubts and overcome your doubts. Visualization exercises where this is done is very helpful so you can embrace the sense of achievement associated with overcoming those doubts to unblock the chakra.

now chakra OYL

It should be noted as I said that since all your chakras have to be balanced they obviously work together.  The root chakra is the first(although I started listing from the top) and the most important because of the self doubt that has to be alleviated from your life.

I understand-and hope you do-that this is a very elementary explanation of your chakra system, but I feel like you have a lot of information here. I know I have learned a lot. I hope you have as well.

Let me know your thoughts, contradictions, opinions of this and would love if you could share the post if you think worthy.

Till next time.