4 words to avoid using…

It occurred to me this morning that there are four words that may be the cause of a lot of false beliefs in our minds. These words start bad things to develop in our lives and should be avoided if you want to keep a healthy outlook and well being in life. These words? […]

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What are the Universal laws?

So it occurred to me that there had to be laws to the Universe about how things work. I found a bunch of them. Lists of 7, 11 and more. So I found and complied and these are my favorites or at least what covers¬†in my humble opinionwhat they should be. Subject to discussion and […]

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Spiritual Inspiration in 9 ways

Spiritual inspiration was given by me in my last post that I hope has given you an idea of what you could do to get a bit more optimization in your life. Well, it works for me, anyways. I am not saying that it would work for you, but it is about you and what […]

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Spirituality and me

So after my last post with Wayne Dyer as the posthumous keynote, I felt that spirituality is something I can get into now, as Dr. Dyer was such a spiritual man. ¬†Plus I believe spirituality is a big part of how we can optimize ourselves. And not just for ourselves but for the ones around […]

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