Wanna be happy? Let these go…

So if there is one thing we all want  it is happiness.  It is our number one end all-be all goal.  You could be a do-gooder doing charity work for your own happiness and giving back or you could be an axe murderer. You have the same goal. Happiness. So being happy is attainable by […]

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Things Bruce Lee said

I have never been a huge karate or Bruce Lee fan but I do understand that the man was great in his knowledge, influence and power.

So when I ran across an article about some of the things he had said in the past, I went in with an open mind and learned what I could.

Here […]

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Fear and a Way to Overcome it

If there is one thing we all have to face, that’s fear.

It may be a little, it may be a lot.

But no matter are chances are very good you are facing it. Each and every moment of every day.

It drives most of our decisions because it is our main driver while living.

At one time in […]

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You are most likely doing this wrong 24 hours a day:Breathing

So I get different emails from a host of different groups and people to help me get fodder for this site. I usually will sit on the emails or posts for a month or two then reread them and formulate my own,adding here, subtracting there. This one we will talk about your breathing.

The subject for […]

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Things to Stop, Give Up and Realize

I have been on this planet for a little over 50 years.  And I don’t give up much.

It wasn’t till the last 3 years that I have realized and really taken to heart what life is all about.

And it wasn’t till the last 3 months that I have really taken notice of what I really […]

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Gratitude and love…

Two of the most important things in our lives. Gratitude and love.

It is very important to your brain to have both in your life in one way or another. To express both daily.

For love, to express it to someone or something.

For gratitude, to be expressed.

Here is the best part:

I can show you a way to […]

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Words to Avoid

In my journey of positivity, it’s not just about seeing positive things, but using positive language and dialogue. So see yourself avoid these words.

I pick my words pretty carefully when  I speak to people. That talent would come from my decades in the hospitality industry in management talking to clients.

As a matter of fact, it […]

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What you should really strive for

So if you have been going to this site for long, you understand my goals with this site.  To help fellow humans be the best human they can be through whatever advice I can give from what I have read and experienced in my life. To strive for what I talk about here is to […]

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