Your Higher Self Wants You To Know

This post will be about your higher self which goes along with the last two posts before this where I have touched on two things when it comes to our brains/minds, lives and our Universe:

the mechanical
the intangible

To recap a bit, the mechanical was our physical brain and how to make it operate more […]

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Your three brain systems and their functions

SO my last post was pretty much a mechanical look at the brain(and its systems) and how to make it better. Or should I say how to make your brain better in a mechanical way. It was all physical.

But now I shall talk about what is not at all physical. The three parts of your […]

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Two big things to be aware of

In my readings and studyings here lately, there are two things that seem to rear their heads in my awareness while I am reflecting on my journey more than anything else:


I will tackle both and best explain what they are in the context of self growth, how they affect you and how you […]

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How to take out your demons

I may not have mentioned this before. Maybe I have. Not sure. Or maybe I have just insinuated it…but this site is not just for teaching but for learning. This one is learning about your demons.

What I mean by that is what I read I also pass on to you which helps me to learn.

And I […]

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Chakras and you: What and how

As I have been doing my reading in all things self growth, self improvement so on and so forth, I run in to these 7 anomalies of our body from time to time. Chakras.

We all have them and they are the energy hubs of your body.  As I read and heard of them, I learned […]

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How to relieve the pain

There has been a lot of ‘drama’ and pain around me here recently.  The worst kind of drama being the kind where you are affected but really have no way of ‘extinguishing’ it. Why? Because it is not your drama but caused by someone else’s situation in life that are quite close to you.

At any rate, […]

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How resiliency is a key to happiness

I found this meme yesterday and just had to share. It may be the key to our need for resiliency.

Of course these type of memes are all over the internet and sometimes kinda funny. This one struck a cord with me, though.

But not for the reasons you think.

Obviously this meme is supposed to be funny […]

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9 ways to start believing in yourself

To be your best life, you have to be yourself.

Check this out:

“Believe in love. Believe in magic. Hell, believe in Santa
Clause. Believe in others. Believe in yourself. Believe in
your dreams. If you don’t, who will?” ~ Jon Bon Jovi
There is nothing more important than believing in yourself. No way, no how.

 Of course there may be times […]

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