Happiness boosters

Looking for another great article I ran across one from learning mind┬átoday. I just had to share…in my own words , of course…Happiness!!

These are some exercises you can do every day, or as much as you can. They are scientifically proven to drive up your happiness.

I personally start off my day with getting up and […]

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Short term memory loss causes and cures

I think that we all can agree that memory is pretty darn important. Short and long term. But what is really frustrating is the short term memory issues.

People’s names you just met, forgetting what you walked into a room to do, and where you put your darn phone this time!! All symptoms of a failing […]

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What are your values?

If you have been around my blog long enough, you have heard of Dr. Mark Waldman. He is one of the most well known neuroscience researchers which makes him very good at self development. Of which he has done a great deal of. He can tell you about how to help your values.

He created Neurowisdom […]

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You are most likely doing this wrong 24 hours a day:Breathing

So I get different emails from a host of different groups and people to help me get fodder for this site. I usually will sit on the emails or posts for a month or two then reread them and formulate my own,adding here, subtracting there. This one we will talk about your breathing.

The subject for […]

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How to be more winsome

Winsome means charming and attractive, by the way. ┬áJust in case you didn’t know.

First of all, I would like to say ‘YAY ME’ as I realized that my last post was my 100th post on this awesome site I created. I did this in 10 months which would be an average of 10 a month […]

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Gratitude and love…

Two of the most important things in our lives. Gratitude and love.

It is very important to your brain to have both in your life in one way or another. To express both daily.

For love, to express it to someone or something.

For gratitude, to be expressed.

Here is the best part:

I can show you a way to […]

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Your real vs. your abstract

I am currently reading a book that is really opening my eyes to some awesome things and I would like to share a bit with you.

The book is by Vishen Lakhiani who is the founder of Mindvalley and a true entrepreneur in his own rights. Fascinating guy, really.

The book he wrote is called Code of […]

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Wanna get lucky? Here’s how!

So I found this article on Psychology Today I wanted to review because as I read the article I realized that I have , in one way or another, touched on all of the points in the article. Being lucky is what it is all about!

The article I am referring to is here. Wanna guess […]

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