Here is one way to fix your life

Let me introduce you to someone. His name is Bob Proctor. He is widely known as one of the best speakers and teachers on subject of getting rich.  He has spent more than 40 years,  instructing people on how to create lush lives helping with their happiness, health and wealth using as his #1 tool the […]

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How to thrive while driving

So in my current work, I may do some driving from time to time. Today, for instance, I drove 10 hours straight. I have pitstopped for the night and tomorrow I have about another hour to go, depending on traffic into the Big Apple. In this drive I thrive.

On my trips, I do a lot […]

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How God Changes your Brain: Book Review

As a person who thoroughly enjoys the hobby of learning how my brain works and then the conundrum of how that relates to the rest of life and the rest of the functioning of the Universe and/or God(depending on your religious beliefs), this book was very intriguing to me since I saw its title. I was […]

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New self growth e books and more tools for self improvement

I don’t know about you, but the last series I did really taught me a lot. I had to take the day off to do some digesting. But my self growth and self improvement has gone through the roof!!

But then from nowhere I get an email from friend Dr Mark Waldman’s team about […]

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Self Growth development books I have read:Super Brain

Ever since my journey started seriously into self growth which included meditation, nixing the fluoride from my diet and disconnecting satellite TV at my house, I started reading voraciously  different books on self help and self growth. You can see many of them that I read on this page.

One should not underestimate the power of […]

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Self help and new thought from Hay House

I have become an affiliate of Hay House. I have done so for good reason. I have followed them for almost a year and what they bring to me is knowledge. Knowledge about me for me from a multitude of people.

They have been established and around for over 30 years and I believe that their […]

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Psycho Cybernetics:Book 1

In this journey I am about to take you on, I will start with the book that started my journey into a wealth of brain optimization: Psycho Cybernetics.

This book can show you in a simple way how to:

how to get  rid of anxiety
how to get rid of depression
get rid of social anxiety

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