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I have been on a journey of self optimization for years now. Through reading, watching videos and meditation, I have achieved things that a lot of people cannot. I would like to share this journey and give pointers on how you can do that, too!!

Gratitude and love…

Two of the most important things in our lives. Gratitude and love.

It is very important to your brain to have both in your life in one way or another. To express both daily.

For love, to express it to someone or something.

For gratitude, to be expressed.

Here is the best part:

I can show you a way to […]

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Words to Avoid

In my journey of positivity, it’s not just about seeing positive things, but using positive language and dialogue. So see yourself avoid these words.

I pick my words pretty carefully when  I speak to people. That talent would come from my decades in the hospitality industry in management talking to clients.

As a matter of fact, it […]

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Your real vs. your abstract

I am currently reading a book that is really opening my eyes to some awesome things and I would like to share a bit with you.

The book is by Vishen Lakhiani who is the founder of Mindvalley and a true entrepreneur in his own rights. Fascinating guy, really.

The book he wrote is called Code of […]

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What you should really strive for

So if you have been going to this site for long, you understand my goals with this site.  To help fellow humans be the best human they can be through whatever advice I can give from what I have read and experienced in my life. To strive for what I talk about here is to […]

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Wanna get lucky? Here’s how!

So I found this article on Psychology Today I wanted to review because as I read the article I realized that I have , in one way or another, touched on all of the points in the article. Being lucky is what it is all about!

The article I am referring to is here. Wanna guess […]

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Your Higher Self Wants You To Know

This post will be about your higher self which goes along with the last two posts before this where I have touched on two things when it comes to our brains/minds, lives and our Universe:

the mechanical
the intangible

To recap a bit, the mechanical was our physical brain and how to make it operate more […]

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Your three brain systems and their functions

SO my last post was pretty much a mechanical look at the brain(and its systems) and how to make it better. Or should I say how to make your brain better in a mechanical way. It was all physical.

But now I shall talk about what is not at all physical. The three parts of your […]

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How to make your brain better

The concept is called whole brain synchronization. This is how you make your brain better.

I have talked many times in this blog about the benefits of meditation. Let’s go through the list again, shall we?

Improves concentration
Reduces stress
Increases happiness
Increases acceptance(less resistance)
Encourages you to start healthier lifestyle
helps you increases self awareness

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