hands-1445472_640His name was Don Miguel Ruiz. He was born in 1952 and while practicing medicine with his brothers, he had a life altering accident. He changed his life direction that brought him to apprenticing and eventually to be a shaman.  After exploring the human mind from an indigenous as well as scientific perspective, Ruiz combined traditional wisdom with modern insights.

In 1997, he wrote a short 138 page book called The Four Agreements. I am not going to say something predictable like this book changed my life or anything because I practice what he wrote about in the book anyways. But the agreements that you make with oneself that he wrote about are worth reviewing and are said to be life altering. This is what this site and myself are about, so here we are.

The first agreement is be impeccable with your word


What Ruiz essentially means here is always be true to yourself. It means you are always responsible for your actions but you do not blame or judge yourself. It also means that you follow through with you say you will do. Pretty powerful stuff, huh? Sounds easy to do, but is it really? How many times do you criticize yourself in a day? How many times have you told somebody what they wanted to hear just to get them to leave you alone?

That I believe is the toughest agreement.

The second agreement is don’t take anything personally.

I have no problem with this one. For whatever reason, I cannot be offended. I realize that people are going to say what they want to say for whatever reason they want to say it. It’s about opinions. What I say is opinions are like resumes are like assholes; everybody has got one. What do I care what other people think?

sunrise-1756274_640The third agreement is don’t make assumptions.

When we assume, we are right off the bat thinking we already know the truth. Is it the truth? Chances are we are guessing at said situation. Ask questions. Much animosity is caused by assuming.

The fourth agreement is always do your best.

I have touched on this before. Knowing that I am doing my best is empowering for me. Giving your all in any situation is the way it should be. And NOT doing your best is a bad habit that just gets worse and makes you worse. Be best, not worse.

tree-66465_640I hope you can gain some knowledge from this post or you can get the book from here.

As always, I appreciate any comments, accolades and/or shares for me to get the word out to more fellow humans…