My last post ended with the concept of witnessing. So this post will cover that concept more in depth as far as what it is, how to do it and  the power you will gain from doing it. When it comes to self growth and self improvement, this is a very important aspect of awareness and a grand life.

So witnessing is being aware enough to realize that when you are in a mood or condition of sadness or anger, that this is not you and then just watching  your mood. Like a scientist would observe an experiment he or she was conducting. Like a small child examines a flower or a new toy or anything that is brand new to them.

You see, it is not I am sad or angry, it is I am FEELING sad or angry.

Because you are not your thoughts and whatever you are feeling is a condition because of beliefs you have in your head.  These feelings are a response. These feelings are not you. You can step back or out and just look at yourself having them.

The brain is really an amazing thing.  There was a fascinating line in the book  The Self Aware Universe (among many)  that always resonated with me…

If the brain were so simple that we could understand it, then we would be so simple that we couldn’t?

There are whole books and movies that do a great job of explaining how the brain processes, and there are so many ways that a brain can be ‘configured’ due to our life’s experiences that every brain is going to be different. Even a set of twins who are right next to each other and do everything together will still be slightly different just by the fact that one is standing on the right and one on the left. Life can be that subtle.

If a child from the point of understanding can be taught what I talk about on this post and blog for that matter, their life would be so dramatically different. I have a granddaughter who is almost 3 that has already recognized that I meditate daily. She wants to do it, too. Of course she wants to do everything and anything she can, but at this point, I do not think she can stay still long enough. There will be a point soon where I will introduce her to my life and world and awareness and mindfulness practices.  This girl will not be the same as other children.

Anyways. I have explained, hopefully sufficiently, what witnessing is and how to do it. What can the power of witnessing do for you?

There have been many very bright and spiritual people who have undergone deep personal, spiritual and emotional change that have stumbled upon the fact that if you can just step back and watch whatever is happening with no reaction or motive for what will happen next, resistance disappears.

Remember resistance?

Don’t resist, just be curious…

As any muscle in your body or any habit that you have formed or want to form, practice and repetition is the key. The more you train yourself to witness, the better and better off you will be. Originally, meditation was invented to quiet the mind. So one can see their true self. If one can witness efficiently, said one will be doing the same thing. Alleviating resistance and therefore alleviating suffering.

With no suffering, there is only happiness and pleasure left behind. That is what we all want right?  That is actually what we all already are.  So happiness really is attainable and has been attained by billions of humans. Humans who are in touch with their true self.

We all started off as happy children that grew up with the evils in the world and society brainwashing us into what we are today. Some of  us more brainwashed more than others. But we can all attain happiness.

If you haven’t already attained happiness, I hope that you will very soon.

Keep with these practices I have talked about, use Holosync to help you get rid of old beliefs and resistance that are holding you back from your true purpose.

You life will change dramatically.

Please leave me some comments with your thoughts  and share this with who it will help. That is what I am all about.