A busy week for me, but I wanted to share a list of buddhist beliefs with you that could just put a smile of happiness on your face…and keep it there.

Buddhism has been around for working of 2600 years.  I am thinking-and I am thinking that you will agree-that they have a pretty good idea how to live a wholesome, meaningful and happy life.

So let us take a look at their beliefs, shall we?

  1. Mindfulness-staying in the present moment. Not dwelling in the past and not worrying about the future is one of the cornerstones of buddhism. The emergence of wisdom will occur when the mind is serene and calm.There have been many studies that has proven that in science as well.mindfulness OYL
  2. Meaningful Goal work-Humans who have something to work towards are going to be much happier. How can you argue with that?!? Goals are what keep humans’ purpose active. Do you know yours?
  3. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude-Being grateful forces us to focus on the awesome things that are going on in our lives. Keeping gratitude journals can help you be healthier and more optimistic , studies show.
  4. Generosity– This is not about money generosity, the buddhists say. It’s about support, time, and your wisdom. So keep the wallet in your pocket and give yourself and your many positive attributes.
  5. Close relationships – Friends and family who are close are the happiest, studies show.  Relationships hold people together. And the closer the better.
  6. Comparing is a no-no We are all different. Comparison is just not something we need to be doing towards each other. The only one you should be outdoing is yourself-every day.and finally…money packs OYL
  7. Money-This is not something that is going to supply long term satisfaction for us. Materialism is not the way to happiness. As a matter of  fact, people who have money high on their list of priorities are more at risk low self esteem, anxiety and depression.

So this list may not be new to you. It may be just a reminder. I need reminders from time to time myself.  But as far as the buddhists are concerned, this is the way to get happy.

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So share to all to spread the knowledge and comment if you have anything to say about this marvelous mindset .